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Does anyone else find Rhodes pushing the baking idea to be really creepy

It's a strange part of the movie, when he keeps on the same subject. She's clearly not interested, please stop.

It was even worse when he bought all of the supplies and set it up in the kitchen.

Like seriously, f_ck off with that.


It never bothered me and I've seen the movie around 57 times!


I agree with you I thought he went way overboard.
I also thought he was way more of a dick than he needed to be when she was obviously acting apologetically.


I've watched Bridesmaids a bunch of times an never once though he was being creepy in that scene. He knew she had a talent for baking and that she used to run a bakery. He thought he was doing something nice for her. His thoughtfulness just didn't go over well with Annie because baking was a sore spot for her since she lost her business. Also, the fact that she was used being treated like a hit it and quit it girl was also part of the reason she got mad at Rhodes. He didn't tell her to get lost like what Jon Hamm's character kept saying after every one of their hook ups.

I know I'm a vampire, Snookie.


yes but the whole movie is creepy and whatever her name is (played by wig) is creepy so she was overreacting on the other hand


I 100% disagree that he was being "creepy". Maybe a little overly pushy, perhaps, but his heart was in the right place.

He knew she was a fantastic baker, having actually visited her shop when it was open, and he could sense that it was her true passion and she missed it. This is likely true when you consider the scene where she's baking a cupcake by herself in her apartment, and also later on when she's baking the carrot cake for him. She was born to be a baker, it's what she was meant to do.

She tells him she's unhappy with her life and he's just trying to make her happy and bring her back to doing things she enjoys that will make her happy. When he tries to get her to bake in his apartment and she storms out, as someone else mentioned it's probably just too painful a reminder of her failed bakery. She's trying to forget that part of her life, but he knows deep down she really wants to bake again.


I can see both sides of the issue. I can see Rhodes's motivation and applaud it. But I can see Annie's point of view and support it.

Rhodes had his heart in the right place. He was trying to fix Annie but with complete well-meaning. To him it was simple: she was a great baker. It's a pity her shop failed due to other factors. She is still hurting badly about that. Lets make her reconnect with her talent!

But to Annie, it wasn't as simple as that. She was still very much in hurting/mourning mode about her business failure. Yes she still baked a cupcake at home alone one time, wistfully. But she was still dealing with her feelings about baking at all.

She needed to come around to things in her own time. So when Rhodes "pushed" the issue -- even as nicely as he did -- she couldn't help but see it as an intrusion and presumptuous. Even her own mother hadn't tried to get her to get back to her baking. And here was a man she had only just entered into intimacy with, buying baking stuff!

So, to her, this was not welcome, and he didn't seem to want to accept her polite refusal, so she got annoyed and left. It all escalated from sorry no, to forget the whole thing.

It wasn't creepy of him because he really did mean well and believed he was doing something sweet and inspired and lovely for her.

But I can see how she wasn't ready.

I no longer want to do something I was good at and did all my life (creating and playing music). I wold very much resent it if someone tried to forcibly persuade me I need to be doing it again. That's up to me. I have extremely conflicted and complicated feelings about it and that's nobody's area of authority but my own. Someone I interact with online KEEPS saying "you should do your music again." I DON'T WANT TO!!!! I resent even this person online telling me this. He doesn't know me at all, and he doesn't realize how well and truly DONE I am with it. Let me have my own process. I know how Annie felt.


Not sure why I'm responding to 2 year old thread for a movie I haven't seen in 7 years but I think Prelude gives the most appropriate response. I can sympathize that his intentions were good and Like Prelude I totally get her reaction to it. It's understandable. He's not a creep nor is she a biznatch in this situation. Just a social miscue.


Thanks! Yep, sometimes neither party is a horrible person for something that was just a mis-step. It's a pity she overreacted by walking out completely but yeah, just a tricky spot all around.


I found it more strange how she acted like a petulant child over him wanting her to cook to be honest