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Has some faults but still surprisingly good [SPOILERS]

After watching Venom i was soured to superhero movies in general. I avoided watching Aquaman for a while, but it seems unavoidable nowadays due to lack of quality competition.

Black manta could have been removed from the movie entirely and not much would have changed. His inclusion was a major flaw imo. The section of the movie that took place in Italy went on for too long.

That being said, I liked the family dynamics, ocean master prophecy and interesting way in which it was fulfilled. The claiming of the new trident was interesting, albeit the communication with protector was a little predictable even while his mother was monologing about the creature.

I would liked to have seen his biological father die and him symbolically adopting the new father (former ocean master).

Black manta subplot was the worst. If it were not for that, this movie would have been excellent.


Black Manta is the main villain in the sequel. I guess they needed to introduce him early. Black Manta was in a post credits scene


He's just not a very compelling character. He always feels forced no matter what. His motivations are shallow. Just boring revenge.

It's sad that they are trying to force him.