Kinda loved it.

Yeah, I know there's a lot of hate for this cheesy, over-the-top movie, but the 10-year-old in me is absolutely in love with this thing. And that's what I feel like they were going for. I don't think it's as groundbreaking as Black Panther or as unique as Unbreakable. I just think it took some notes from Iron Man and took itself seriously, and not at all seriously, in the best possible ways.

And yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that I do think Momoa's Aquaman is gonna be as classic as Downey Jr.'s Iron Man and even Jackman's Wolverine has become. I'm not saying the movies are equal in quality, but I still think Momoa is branded as Aquaman forever in the hearts of children (more like for a good fifteen years, but close enough).


Yeah, I kinda loved it too.

Because really, if you had to choose between a good movie and a fun one, wouldnt you go for the fun?