Top 20 CBM's ?

can you list your definitive top 20 CBM's

Its getting extremely hard for me now...there are just so many...every year theres 5 or 6 coming out now...and Its getting extremely hard to rank them because theres so little that separate some.

I just watched Aquaman, and ranked of right now its in my top 20...

I felt Aquaman was a weird movie, some part were great and some part were So Bad.

Overall though I feel this movie ONLY works if its not set in The DCEU that been put on screen the last 5 years...

this movie has so much fantasy, so over the top...Theres no way it could possible exist in the world we've seen in MOS,BvS,SS,WW and JL

You almost have to look at the movie as Avatar....A movie where a director was creating a new Universe and world...

anyways here my top 20.

1. The Avengers-10/10
1. The Dark Night-10/10
1. Logan-10/10
^ 3 way tie for 1...IMO all 3 have a case to be The greatest CBM ever made
4. Captain America The Winter Soldier-9.5/10
5. Avengers IW-9/10
6. Civil War-9/10
7. GOTG-9/10
8. Deadpool-9/10
9. Man Of Steel-8.5/10
10. Thor Ragnarok-8.5/10

These are my concrete top 10...I have no doubts at all..I'm absolute sure about these.

11. Wonder Woman-8.5/10
12. The Dark Knight Rises-8.5/10
13. Thor-9/10
14. Doctor Strange-8.5/10
15. Hellboy-8.5/10
16. Spider-Man HC-8/10
17. Aquaman-7.5/10
18. Deadpool 2-8/10
19. Black Panther-8/10
20. Ant-Man-7.5/10

Can you make A top 20? its very difficult for me now

I remember in 2012 after The Avengers came out...Dozens of people made "Rank The MCU films" and "Top 10 CBM's" threads.

back then there was 6 MCU films....ranking them wasnt hard....Now theres 20...

ranking the 10 Time back then wasnt too hard forward to now....theres been 40 + Comic book movies made in the last 7 years...Its getting hard to rank them


Dating back to Superman(1978)?

This movie wouldn't even get close to a Top 20 for me.

And bill...what parts of Aquaman do you consider "great". There were a couple of scenes where the visual effects were "great" but I couldn't call anything else about it"great". If it wasn't for the eye-candy that Amber Heard provided I don't know if I could have sat through it as everything was so predictable...what's the point?
But, judging by the box office, you are definitely in the majority and I find myself in the minority on this one.

P.S. This wouldn't even make the top 20 of the last 7 years.


And bill...what parts of Aquaman do you consider "great".

I thought The action scenes was Great(especially the one with Black Manta), you could clearly see they were Wan's style.

and I thought Wan's world building was great

I thought Both Heard and Jason were below average.

I thought The Dialog of the movie was awful.

and for me the special effects were awful, especially The under water effects...

P.S. This wouldn't even make the top 20 of the last 7 years.


its entirely possible upon second viewing Aquaman may not make my top 20 either.

right now Its in there....But I've really noticed in the last few years, My opinion and ratings change with time with CBMs.

I had Ant-Man 2, GOTG 2 and Age Of Ultron all in my top 20 upon 1st viewing....but within 6 months I no longer felt the same.

also worth noting...

this is my list of "favorite CBM's"....If I were making a list of "IMO The Best CBM's"....Aquaman would not make my top 20....and movies like X-Men DOFP, Iron Man, X-Men First Class, Batman Begins would certainly be in there...

as for Superman 78....I fully recognize most consider it one of the greats...unfortunately it was before my time and I'm just not a fan of old movies with Effects that now look outdated...obviously at the time the effects were great....I personally just dont like watching old movies with outdated effects.

I'm completely without opinion when it comes to Superman 78...I wont argue with anyone who loves it and I dont even like talking about it or giving my opinion because I know my opinion is in the minority....anyone who Loves Superman and thinks its great, I respect that opinion.

But, judging by the box office, you are definitely in the majority and I find myself in the minority on this one.

^^ didnt feel that way when Black Panther Performed Better In every Possible way...

funny how you praise/brag about Aquaman's box office yet when Disney's Black Panther Out Performed Aquaman in every way imaginablle you spent MONTHS trolling...


careful....once again your not thinking...

Captain Marvel Is coming up....dont want to troll yourself into a corner...

Here your clearly suggesting Aquamsn's box office is Great and It means the Majority LOVES IT...

Aquaman Opened to 67 Million and Is Heading for around a 350 Million domestic gross....

Yet Captain Marvel Is already tracking for a 160 Million Opening weekend....

You just need to think it through....Its perfectly fine it you want to brag about Aquaman's box office....but Just know, by doing so, Your basically forfeiting the ability to troll on Captain Marvel if It Makes More...

I mean I know your Trolling knows no limits...but I find it hard to imagine a way you can claim Aquaman is doing great box office, but Then troll on Captain Marvel for opening around 160 M...

but with you anything is I said stunningly you somehow trolled on Black Panthers box office for 3 months...

Black Panther Literally more than Doubled Aquamans opening weekend....Will either Double or almost double Aquaman's domestic gross and will make Hundreds more WW....

and still you Trolled for 3 months claiming BB wasnt doing great but now are Bragging Aquaman is doing great.

It seems you have a drastically different scale for Disney films and literally every other film....Its almost like your biased, Like You hate Disney....but thats crazy right?


I know we are talking about "favorite" CBMs and not the objective "best"...and yeah...Aquaman wouldn't come anyway near it with either criteria.

But hey...I'm glad you liked it..

As far as Disney is concerned...I've told you numerous times that they are my favorite studio.


Bill that's where you and I differ. I respect all your views. However I myself would rather watch a dated film with great writing acting etc than a shiny film with modern effects that has bland characters and writing. Superman the movie and Man of Steel illustrate this parralel perfectly.

Yes Man of Steel is more flashy simply because of time. Superman the movie has a far better script, acting, direction as well as impact on the film industry. Superman was before my time as well but as I matured I started caring about substance over flash.

Even look at Terminator 1 and 2. I used to think two blew one out of the water when I was younger. Now that I've matured honestly I don't think that anymore. I still absolutely adore 2 but I like 1 almost as much as 2 now and honestly can see how some prefer it over the second. Terminator 2 was flashier because of budget and time. When you factor in resources it doesn't edge out the first really. Not taking anything away from 2 just making sure the first gets its due.

Man of Steel literally recycled Superman the movie and Superman 2 almost beat for beat. It changed the tone took out Lex and spliced in Batman Begins for good measure. It's a very lazy and uninspired, unoriginal screenplay/script. It's why it was such a polarizing film where as Superman the movie is loved and respected.

I get your point but I would at least humor watching older films sometimes. I used to feel the same way you did about watching older films.


Well said, filmfanatic! When bill said that about older films and special effects I kinda just shook my head to myself. I couldn't fathom putting something like Aquaman in an all-time top 20 over Superman(1978) just because it has digital effects over practical effects. Hell...the John Williams score alone smashes everything in Aquaman.


Well said, filmfanatic! When bill said that about older films and special effects I kinda just shook my head to myself. I couldn't fathom putting something like Aquaman in an all-time top 20 over Superman(1978) just because it has digital effects over practical effects. Hell...the John Williams score alone smashes everything in Aquaman.


queen your clearly missing the part where I said....This is my "favorite" Not "IMO The Best"

theres a huge difference...

My favorite comics books movies are simply the movies I enjoy, can rewatch ,many times , I personally Like Special effect and action, so CBMs heavy on them, I enjoy......

that does not mean I believe Special effect and action equal Quality...

as I said, Aquaman would not sniff my top 20 if I were Making a "IMO The Best" CBMs list.

Man Of Steel is another one that wouldnt make my top 20...I enjoy that Movie ONLY for the action...Other than The action, I feel MOS has HUGE Problems and HUGE creative failures.

I enjoy 4 of the 5 Transformers film...But would not dare call any of the good films....

everyone has different tastes....

I really like Huge Special effect action Sequences....but thats where it stands, I enjoy them...I dont claim or believe Movies like Aquaman,MOS or The Transformers are Good movies...

I will completely 100% agree right now that Superman 78 is The Better overall movie than MOS and Aquaman...Better Story, Plot, Characters...Its Just the better movie....

But I enjoy MOS and Aquaman more...

I can at best watch Superman once every 5 years....

I can rewatch and enjoy Aquaman and MOS countless times....

so before you start "shaking your head" at my statements...try to properly understand them...


"I can re watch and enjoy Aquaman countless times"

Well, you are right about one thing..."we all have different tastes".


again..u seem to be intentionally trying to make it seem like i believe Aquaman is a good film...

I think you have to clearly know that I'm in no way saying that, Your obviously just trying to start an argument due to our history.

You can enjoy movies without having the opinion they high quality films

I even have a list of "so bad they are actually kinda good films"

for example...Seed of Chucky IMO could honestly be one of the worst films ever made...But I love it...if you cant have fun watching that film, you take yourself to seriously.

Theres a movie called "Strange Wilderness"...and IMO it truly is the worst movie ever made because its not actual a movie...The ending of the film is unlike anything I've ever seen...It doesnt even have an ending...It just literally cuts off and makes fun of itself for how insanely awful the movie and story is....but I swear...I enjoy the hell out it...I cant watch that movie without being put in a better mood...Its just fun.

as I said, I have Huge problem with nearly everything in Aquaman, I feel the story is weak, dialog is awful, acting is below average and The Underwater effects are awful....But Its fun...Wan created some good action sequences, I can put Aquaman on once or twice a year and enjoy it...

doesnt mean I feel or will ever feel its a good movie...

MOS is now 6 years old...I've watched it probably 20 times since it came out...I still ONLY enjoy MOS for The action...The Battle of Smallville and Climax are scenes I can watch over and over again and enjoy...

But I still literally Cringe and do a face-palm every time I watch The Tornadocide scene...I still Hate that all Color and Joy has been drained of the movie...I hate Jonathon Kent in the movie, ONLY Zack Snyder could butcher a character that Important to Superman's story and for the movie itself....

As a movie MOS is decent at best....but for me...Its fun...

PS...IMO MOS has one of the greatest scores ever...Huge Zimmer fan and he killed it in MOS...



Those are your direct quotes...I just put them out there.

You said you could rewatch Aquaman "countless times".

I simply repeated what you said. Don't put your embarrassment on me!

And then...I simply agreed with your direct quote..." we all have different tastes".

What's the problem bill? IDo you regret making those statements?


Btw...I have many "so bad they are good" favorites but Aquaman ain't one of them. The best ones are the ones that are unintentionally bad. Aquaman is self-aware in it's campyness.

This movie aims to be cheesy/cheeky on purpose much like Ragnarok and GOTG but those movies hit the bullseye. Aquaman's attempt at that tone is inept and not entertaining or funny to me.

Like you said..."we all have different tastes".


Yes Man of Steel is more flashy simply because of time. Superman the movie has a far better script, acting, direction as well as impact on the film industry. Superman was before my time as well but as I matured I started caring about substance over flash.


at no point did I ever even remotely say MOS was better than Superman...

I complete agree with everything you said....Superman Is The better overall movie in Every way.

Instead what I said was I Like MOS more....This is my "top 20 Favorite CBMs" list...NOT "IMO The Best CBM's"

I personally enjoy Special effects, Movies with huge special effect action sequences...They are fun for me and I can rewatch them over and over again and still enjoy them...

That Is the ONLY reason why I like MOS....I love the action Sequences and Fights...Almost everything about the rest of the movie for me is underwhelming...

but I personally would rather watch MOS than Superman 78....and Its because I get more enjoyment out of MOS....

that does not mean I believe MOS is better than Superman, as I said I dont...I simply enjoy MOS more than Superman..

there has to be films that You just might not consider them great, But You love them and can rewatch them over and over again...

and then there has to be films that you consider GREAT...but dont really rewatch them often...

thats how I feel about MOS and Superman....


I wasn't saying you thought man of steel was better. I know you know Superman is a better film. I was just trying to get you to open up to my view is all. The reason flashy effects don't do it for me is that's not what takes up most of the running time of the film. It is the characters and story that take up the bulk of the film. I'm not going to sit through a stale story and characters just for flashy action sequences. I will just use YouTube. That way I can watch the action sequences without sitting through a bland uninspired story.

No I know it's your favorite not overall best. I respect that. I love Blade and Blade 2 but I know they don't come anywhere close to being some of the best comic book films ever. Sorry perhaps I wasn't clear in what I was trying to convey. I'm not knocking your list at all. I mean after all if I made a top 20 of my subjective favorites there would be some I would be in the minority on.


Anyhow I also thought I would share my top 20 in no particular order.

Superman 2 Donner cut
Spider-man 2
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
Sin City
Scott Pilgrim vs the world
Iron Man
Guardians of the Galaxy
Captain America Winter Soldier
Avengers infinity war
Xmen days of future past
Hellboy 2
Black Panther
Spiderman into the Spiderverse
Batman mask of the phantasm

Honorable mentions
V for vendetta
xmen first class
Batman 1989
Batman beyond return of the Joker
Wonder Woman
Blade and Blade 2


In no paritcular order , well some may be , The Crow is my fav , road to perdition is brilliant and up there , hope you like

The Crow
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
Infinity War
Iron Man
Superman 2 Donner Cut
Captain America Winter Soilder
Road to perdition
XMEN first class
Spiderman 1
Spiderman 2
Captain America Civil War
Batman 89


Rocketeer is my number one.


Top 20 but in no particular order...

Batman (1989)
Batman Begins
Superman: The Movie
Wonder Woman
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Sin City
Iron Man
The Rocketeer
Man of Steel
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
X-Men: First Class
Dick Tracy
Scott Pilgrim vs The World


1. Green Lantern
2. Aquaman
3. BvS
4. ironman 2
4. Xmen Apocalypse
5. Superman 4


1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2) Avengers: Infinity War
3) Captain America: Civil War
4) Logan
5) Batman Begins
6) The Dark Knight
7) Iron Man
8) The Avengers
9) Guardians of the Galaxy
10) Thor: Ragnarok
11) Deadpool
12) Superman (1978)
13) Superman II
14) Doctor Strange
15) Ant Man
16) X-Men: Days of Future Past
17) X-Men: First Class
18) Captain America: The First Avenger
19) Wonder Woman
20) Avengers: Age of Ultron


In no particular order...

The original Batman
The original Superman
The Crow
Spider-Man 2
The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Civil War
Winter Soldier
Captain America: First Avenger (underrated)
Infinity War
Guardians of the Galaxy
Wonder Woman
X-Men 2
Sin City


just lol at avengers above the dark knight you silly marveltard


Actually, if you look closely, he actually states that it's a 3-way tie, so Avengers isn't above TDK. Just saying.


Avengers is a great CBM as is TDK.


avengers is an average CBM movie while TDK is a masterpiece dumbass


Prove it? Show me facts, prove it to me now.


They are both great although TDK definitely has it over Avengers when it comes to pretentiousness.


avengers is an average CBM movie while TDK is a masterpiece dumbass


sorry but THIS OPINION is NOT shared by the Majority...

you are more than within your right to feel The Avengers is average.

but All data points to the overwhelming Majority having the opinion its great.

and somehow you made your statement even more of a fail by calling The poster a dumbass...

you are the one with the ODD opinion here, not the poster

You are calling The Avengers an average movie when ALL data points to The Overwhelming Majority sharing the Opinion thats its great.

bottom line, If anyone here is a Dumbass....Its you...because YOU have The ODD Opinion.

I do not like calling anyone a dumbass because of thier opinions on movies...

But the facts are thats exactly what you are doing....You are calling the poster a dumbass because he has the opinion The Avengers is great.

and of course the ultimate irony did not realize that by making this actually proved you are the dumbass...

theres no way around it....If your going to just someone a dumbass based on their opinion...

YOU and YOUR OPINION is more worthy of Being judged a Dumbass than The Posters...

The Posters opinion falls in line with nearly 90% of the people that has seen the movie

Your opinion falls in line with a tiny less than 10% minority.

in conclusion....stop and think before posting!

if we break down your statement...It ONLY makes you look bad and Proves you are the dumbass.

PS....why do you call TDK a masterpiece?

of course its because you love the movie...but If someone tried to argue with you thats its NOT...

would you not point to Excellent reviews, excellent ratings on all sites, Great Box Office, Being Number #1 or near #1 all Lists and Polls?

well all of those things also apply to The Avengers

just like With TDK....all facts and data points to The Avengers being One of The greatest CBMs ever.

you do not have to agree with it....But you cant change the consensus...

I'm sorry The Avengers has an overall Consensus that is equal to TDK...

ONLY a "Dumbass" or extremely biased/anger person would deny/ignore this consensus and try to claim "everyone is wrong about the movie being great" and "You are right about it being average"

again if you re-read my post again, which you clearly need to...I did not claim The Avengers is better than TDK...I did not claim TDK wasnt Great...

In fact I actually STATED TDK is the greatest CBM ever.....ONLY TIED as The Greatest.

it doesnt have to be one of the other....

You can Believe BOTH The Avengers and TDK are great...

just because you Love The Avengers does not mean you are not giving TDK the credit it deserves.

based on your comments here...You come off as extremely biased and invested in DC and TDK....

It seem to kill you to the point you are becoming delusional that The Avengers is considered as Good as TDK...

you need to just try to find peace somehow....TDK's legacy is need for you to get so worked up because The Avengers Legacy is equally as great and secure...


just lol at avengers above the dark knight you silly marveltard


truly epic fail

nothing like you OWNING YOURSELF....

didnt properly read my list....embarrassingly tried to accuse me of something I didnt do....

literally chuckled out loud when I read your statement....

I'm not kidding, I would feel shame if I screwed up as badly as you just did....



1 into the spider-verse - the most perfect realization of a comic book world we've had so far imo.
2 spider-man: homecoming
3 avengers: infinity war
4 logan
5 thor: ragnarok
6 ghost world
7 iron man
8 spider-man 2
9 dredd
10 the dark knight

11 spider-man (2001)
12 avengers (2012)
13 dr. strange
14 big hero 6
15 ant-man
16 x-men: days of future past
17 captain america: winter soldire
18 iron man 3 - deeply under-rated
19 deadpool
20 captain america; civil war