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Aligator Gar episode

The one he caught, they kept saying 7 foot. I kept waiting for a full body shot. Finally there it is, with him kneeling next to it. Tell many big fish stories Jeremy? That things not much more than 5' long. Then later on they show a GRAPHIC claiming it was 6'8". That's 20" longer

B U L L C R A P!

I've caught them. I've caught them in the 5, 6, and 7 foot length, yours was regular, everyday 5 footer.

I realize there's some license taking, going so far as enlisting a shaman to catch Muskies and whatnot, but that length was an out and out lie.

This show has become progressively more tall tale telling.


You should boycott the show. We'll miss you!

"You are a smelly pirate hooker!"
"Why don't you go back to your home on Whore Island?"


Hey, I caught a 6" "sunny" at Bear mountain.

I was devastated that I was the cause of its death. When we went fishing at a later date, we used barbless hooks and it was catch and release only.

"A stitch in time, saves your embarrassment." (RIP Ms. Penny LoBello)