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most annoying family ever on film?

Where to even start with this family. I guess the Mom, who didn't have a job then takes money from him to get her hair done to make it look exactly the same. When the dog costs the husband his job he needs so that she can do nothing all day, she got mad at the husband for getting mad at the dog! Or when she gets mad at him for building the dog this wonderful dog house because he's too good for it or some nonsense. Oh also even though the husband didn't even want the dog, its his responsibility to walk it, shop for it, feed it, clean up its waste, etc.

Then there's the kid, who wants a dog so badly he will literally die for it, but then won't carry in his food, clean up after him, or generally do anything for him. Again its all on the dad and if he doesn't do it, both the wife & kid will let him know in very annoying ways.

Also the husband was a tool. He just did whatever he was told & was everyone's punching bag the whole movie. Everyone in this family was annoying and needed to be written as real human beings. As it is now, you wouldn't spend more than 3 mins with these people before going insane and punching them all in the face...


They were definitely annoying.


We did spend 3 minutes with them and we did punch them in the face. Didn't seem to work but the last laugh is on you for watching it. Ca-ching! That's the sound of us making money off you.

Thank you for your support.