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seriously...? (spoiler)

Ok.. so I'm watching this movie on Lifetime right now and I'm having serious issue with this chick's willingness to let the hospital basically kidnap her. WTF?! Really? When the *beep* security guard and psychiatrist force her into a therapy session wouldn't she be a little more resistant? I'm pretty sure acting a little kooky and carrying "antidepressants" doesn't warrant being unlawfully held by hospital staff. Also, when she asks the security guard if he's seen a 35 year old man who is six feet tall with dark hair he says that he hasn't seen ANYONE in the whole hospital by that description... REALLY?!? The WHOLE GOD DAMNED HOSPITAL??! Holy mother *beep* *beep* that must be one unique hospital because I'm pretty sure her description matches 80% of doctors I've encountered in my life. Then she asks the hospital administrator about a nurse named Amanda. Apparently there isn't a single *beep* person employed by the hospital named Amanda...? Are you *beep* kidding me?! If the name had been something like Esmerelda or *beep* Shaqueefa or some *beep* like that, then that would make sense, but Amanda??? This movie makes me want to punch myself in the face until my memory of ever viewing it is permanently erased from my mind. But other than that its pretty good.


Take a pill, it's only a movie.


*really really really bad movie


OMG, Skunkhelmet, I agree 100%! You had me laughing so hard. I was asking all of the same questions while watching the movie.


I thought so too. (Love the name Shaqueefa; wish I would've named my daughter that.)

All Mary had to do was walk away, it seems. Say something like "Okay, I'm leaving now, it's obvious Kevin isn't here".

Also, she was in a room marked "Intensive Care." Cooper asked at the desk what room she was in and they let him go right back. In a real ICU, the patients can only have visitors at certain intervals and then only for a few minutes. Usually they only let immediate family go back, or there is a list at the nurses' station of approved visitors.

That psychiatrist was creepy. Also very condescending, half the time calling her Mary and the other half Ms. Walsh.


Some of the hospital staff (or pretending to be staff) were in on it. For example, the *beep*ing security guard you mentioned. He wasn't there to be helpful. He was a bad guy,

it is entirely believable that the head nurse would know there isn't a nurse named Amanda on her staff.

Calm down, LOL, it's just a movie.

I agree about the antidepressants and the whole silly therapy session. I know people who are taking boatloads of antidepressants.