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what was the name of the paperback book in this movie?

I just saw this movie & missed the part where the detective holds the book yet even trying to find the name of the book even though they discuss it very little & dont say the name of the book. I am just curious as to what was the name of the book, & if it actually exists??????? thanks

(Cooper and Kevin chase Mary around the parking structure and the hospital. Mary shoots Cooper with the Johns gun, which she picked up after she hit him with the bat. Kevin then comes after Mary and just as she is about to be shot by Kevin, he is shot by Detective Franklin, who has surprisingly returned to the hospital from his apartment after having read the last pages of a paperback book that he found on a chair in Kevins hospital room and took home with him after Mary left Kevins hospital room)....
(The book the Detective found and read was inscribed by Kevin to Mary and he wrote to her in the book that it was the best book hed ever read. Although we are shown a scene with the Detective reading the boo, the scene moves quickly, and shows only a few lines of text with the pages Detective Franklin is reading, mentioning a knee operation, an unstable woman, a kidnapping, and making the woman believe a kidnapping and the paying of money.


The name of the book was Abandoned. I can't say for sure, but I doubt it's real. It would be crazy meta to base a movie off a book and then make the book part of the movie's plot. I'm not sure if that would be cheesy or kinda cool. :)


"Abandoned: A Mystery Crime Novel" by David Albertsin.

Sorry to disappoint, but it's definitely not a real book. When she opens it, one of the pages reads, "...and we found a note MacDuffie had written to his mother saying that he had hidden..." After Googling that line, I found it's from a book written by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark called "Santa Cruise" (which you can barely make out at the top of the pages.)