The Best Part...

The best part of this movie had to be where she's in the parking garage running towards her car and away from the bad guys. First of all, why did she hang around so long after killing the security guard guy? Secondly, she jumps in her car and REACHES FOR HER SEATBELT!!! Are you kidding?? If I'm running for my life from people who have repeatedly tried to kill me I think I would forego the seat belt and get the heck out of there!


the croissants at the cafeteria looked pretty good.

Life's like a Cabo Carne Asada: never know how spicy it's gunna get.


The movie plot was ok but a little predictable IMO.

What was terrible was the last 20 minutes. It was an insult to people´s intelligence.

The ´twist´ did not save this from being pretty bad. Very predictable ending.

If it harms none, do what thou wilt.