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Very good in my opinion, but... (SPOILER ALERT)

Very interesting and well done movie. But has anyone thought the cop at the end could have been involved? Maybe with the woman he handcuffed and put in the car towards the end? I was expecting him to do something strange during the last chase. I was expecting him to be in cahoots with the bad guys. This could have lengthened the movie.

Also, Kevin and the guy he met in prison looked alike. Maybe they could have been father and son?

I think if both of these things were revealed it would have strengthened the plot while still keeping it interesting. Or maybe they let it up to us to guess.

Anyone care to comment?

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy


I agree this was a good movie, lots of twists and a really good watch. People are being very harsh on this film!

I also adore Brittany :-( she is very missed!


The movie was great. I enjoyed it.