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You have to be kidding me! SPOILERS


The Usual Suspects-type "aha" flashback montage is just laughable because of the simplicity of the entire plot. I can't stop smiling when I think about how the screenwriter and director must have thought that flashback sequence was going to be so dramatic and intelligent. What an insult to the viewer's intelligence.

Then, she knows Dean Cain's character for a total of four months, and in a split second decides to give away $10 million to save him?

The twist about Dean Cain being involved is so predictable.

And do they really need Amanda and the security guard involved in this simplistic plot? It's two more people to potentially blab about this crime and two more shares to split the money.

In the car after the security guard is killed and before the call from the Cayman Islands about the reversal of the wire transfer, no mention was made about the cancellation of the money, so why does Dean Cain's character mention twice about that he'll fix things and get the money? Brittany Murphy's character didn't tell him anything on the phone.

And why would Dean Cain's character give her the book that outlines this ridiculous plan, to begin with?

Are we supposed to believe that the detective went home and read hundreds of pages in this book and just happened to piece everything together and figure this out?

And really...the screewriter even added the third person shooter in here at the end the movie, too? How predictable.

Was Dean Cain's stunt double who was hanging from the pipe a midget? He was wearing a wig and was like two feet shorter than Dean Cain.

The whole thing is kind of ridiculous.

I actually loved Brittany Murphy's performance and I'm sorry that her last role had to be in this poorly written and directed disappointment.


The money did not belong to Mary, but rather to the bank in which she worked. So that should not have any effect on her ability to find a boyfriend or the type of apartment she lived in. Why the bank would give a woman employee with a mental history the full authority to make unlimited fund transfers was, of course, something else. It would be easier for Kevin just to try to persuade or force Mary into a conspiracy rather than bringing in additional useless people (like Amanda and Cooper), which as you said only resulted in unnecessarily splitting the shares further with no tangible gains.


Oh, OK, that makes more sense, thanks. I missed that part, somehow - about the bank's money.



Besides the whole thing being horrible, one of the worst thangs to me was the nurse having the super common name Amanda BUT them pulling the "There is no Amanda at this hospital". Really? A hospital that size and not one single Amanda? There is always an Amanda.

But I loved Dean Cain giving her the book. Haha Crazy

People...what a bunch of Bastards.


That was what I thought about the name Amanda. Way too common.


"Flightplan" + "Derailed" is all this was.


Dean Cain's character didn't give her the book with the plot. She found it on his bed when she came back looking for him. He had apparently dropped it. The detective didn't read hundreds of pages. He opened the book at random and it was the last chapter.