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You should see how they censor Columbo with the closed captioning.

Instead of suspicious, it is suXXXXious. See what slang they X'd out?

And cocktail becomes XXXXtail.

Man, the PC nazis have really taken over!



If it's automated, yeah, it wouldn't have recognized an innocent word. Reminds me of when The Family Network turned "Dick Van Dyke" into "Jerk Van Gay."




Reminds me of when The Family Network turned "Dick Van Dyke" into "Jerk Van Gay."

Ironically, "Jerk Van Gay" sounds even more inappropriate.


Why not Penis Van Lesbian?


What does a poorly designed swear detector have to do with political correctness?

There were three of us in this marriage


Not about censoring, but every time I watch Identity Crisis on Me TV they get the caption wrong: they put "hydrophonic" when the word spoken by Brenner is "quadraphonic." He is talking about his sound system, and it's very obvious from the scene itself. No one knows about sound systems or cares anymore, including the person who wrote the closed captioning.


I always wondered how you can use water to create a sound system somehow, it seemed very strange to me.

What bad word is S-pic? Like, sexual picture?

Cock is also not a bad word, it simply means a rooster.

Pussy is a cat. G-string is found on a cello. Brazier is used for burning coal.

A dyke stops water ever flowing.

Gay means happy, Dick is short for Richard.

An erection is a building.


it has to be an Computer program...

especially since you cited 'Suspicious' because the 'bad word' uses a Hard-C/'K' sound and well suspicious has the 'sh'/soft-'ch'

no sane person is looking for slang insults in the middle of whole words


Oh yeah, it's automated.

On another forum, we started seeing strange "words" in posts, such as "apeoplee" and "apeopleause." I (one of the moderators) edited them into the obviously intended "apple" and "applause," and notified the administrator -- who fortunately realized that the software was expanding certain abbreviations (such as "ppl") into their full forms (such as "people"), even when the "abbreviations" were actually part of a longer word. He was eventually able to persuade it to stop doing that.

That and the Columbo censoring are pretty clearly the result of lazily looking for certain character strings (sequences of letters), and expanding them or XXXing them out wherever they might appear -- rather than first separating a sentence into words (by looking for spaces, hyphens, slashes, etc.) and then looking for certain inappropriate words.