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Taudarian - the troll they say makes sense

Taudarian, a stupid Prometheus-hating troll wrote a lame & lousy essay about Prometheus. Excerpts from his idiotic thread are quoted below followed by comments about his stupidity:-

Ten million years ago (according to Ridley) on a planet that may not be earth (despite Ridley also saying it was ten million years ago) an alien stood at the lip of a waterfall and ingested gloop which killed him. This (according to Ridley) is an engineer seeding life (despite life already being there and despite there being much less nasty ways of accomplishing spreading DNA around). But hey, religion, because this is a movie about religion and if you want people doing crazy stupid things for no good reason then religion is by far the best way for them to rationalise their stupid actions.

Anyway this event, which may have happened on another planet, despite it clearly intended to be this planet 10 million years ago, produced us. (Trumpets please!) Except if you know anything about evolution then this explanation is clearly bunk, and from here on in you only know it will get worse.

Just because Tard finds the opening act of spreading the DNA not plausible according to his knowledge of science (which sucks for sure), he clubs the subtle symbolism and labels the movie that its about religion! What an idiot. 

Btw, where did the 10 million years thing came up from? This Taudarian guy is clearly delusional and the most laughable among the bunch of other retarded haters.

Except they didn't draw these themselves with lasers or anything, creating perfectly accurate maps, no, they let primitive man finger daub and chisel these bloody maps everywhere.

More of the horrid hater fiction. How are you so sure that it were the Engineers who forced ancient men to draw the cave paintings, idiot?

Ok so I got it. If you want to make fun of a movie, invent some nonsensical sub-plot. And then express this in your narration as if its a fact. And then laugh about it. Cool. If this really works, then there are many movies I'd love to do such parody for. Sigh, it wouldn't work. Instead the writer will make a fool of himself and people will laugh at him like how I am laughing at Taudarian.

There is gravity on the ship. At some point in the future we have mastered gravity, meaning we don't actually need the large engines, but whatever.

Wait. Is he serious? I heard most of the Haters on this board are fans of Alien (1979). My question is: Do all other hater pals of Mr. Taudarian jerk-off to this statement of his ? these retards jerk-off to "There is gravity on the ship." and laugh about it? What a funny world.

Shaw has an abortion. Despite having her abdomen sliced open she seems remarkably able to engage in physical activity beyond this point. It's suggested by fans her meds are really potent future meds. I bet they are, everyone else in this movie seems to have been abusing future meds recreationally judging by their stupidity

Does anybody have an idea what this retard is talking about ? Is he really so retarded that he can't accept medical advancements and that his delusional stubborn mind just want to compare the 2094 medical science to today's standards ?

When Taudarian dies, his brain should be preserved and kept In some Ripleys believe it or not museum as one of the most retarded brain ever. Lol.

Meanwhile David is playing a flute, despite not being able to breath

So this tardarian says that a Robot that does not breathe can't be designed to blow air from his mouth ?! After all that minor exposition provided that he was designed to be like humans as much as could be. lol.

The Engineer climbs into the giant penis gun thing and presses buttons

Penis gun? Well I'm sure Tard once claimed to be a fan of Alien. The iconic pilot chair of space jockey what Tard calls a penis gun is the one that first appeared in Alien. Or is he sooooooo desperate and two faced that when it comes to Prometheus, he's just want to label it as penis gun and if it comes to Alien, he'd like to call it as one hell of an iconic off worldly design ?

Except now it's a big squid. What? How? Why?

Another deliberate show off of ignorance of Alien universe. if Tard wasn't that funny, he would have been just a burden on this planet; some guy whose death even wouldn't matter.

She has no food

And finally coming to typical hater's demand for spoon feeding. These guys need a movie that's 24 hour long so they can see each and every move of the characters, including Shaw getting back to the lifeboat and grabbing food before she and David set themselves on the rover to fetch another juggernaut.

What unfortunate parent could possibly have a child like Taudarian?



The Engineer climbs into the giant penis gun thing and presses buttons

Who knew Nickotard's mother's vibrator needed a pilot?




Don't you think you sound a little obsessive here, and hateful?