The acting. It sucketh.

I'm okay with Christian films, even ones masquerading as horror. I don't even mind low budget "special" effects.

But oh my heavens, the writing and the acting are bad. I'm almost willing to give the acting a pass, considering the lines some of them have to speak. Still it is high-school level performing at best.

I'm sure the actors are all very nice people with good hearts. They're just not very good at --well-- the acting part of their work on this film.

---with only minutes to react we've somehow been killed by a stick insect -- Londinieres


Yikes I have seen the leads in other films and tv and while they may not be A class actors they were competent, not so here! The grimacing, even the body language all reeked of self conscious high school drama class. Really dreadful, the best thing about the movie was coming here to read that someone else thought it sucketh :)

Already, I have found two pieces of rare beauty. I am most grateful.