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This is really a very charming movie!

This is a very charming, entertaining movie. I watched it (and bought it) on Amazon Video on Demand. I didn't know any of the actors but it didn't matter.

What starts out as an experience for the viewer, noticing every amateurish shot and slow, simple dialogue, changes somewhere about half-way through the movie. This has been my experience with some low-budge films - they get better mid-way through.

Suddenly, the characters seemed to be talking to each other in completely natural and personal voices. It was almost like listening in on their conversations instead of seeing them act. This was great because, by that time, I liked the characters.

Definitely worth watching. I'll watch it again.


Agree with everything you said. I found it On Demand and it is a very charming movie. Too bad a lot of people won't look past the unpolished nature of the filming, especially in the beginning.