Excellent film.

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I really enjoyed it.

Watch these 2:


I loved it.

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excellently beautiful movie. to me the plot was minimalistic, and the open end remained unclear.

from what i figure the old maestro asked his apprentice to take care of his kids? as for the boy, perhaps the maestro was his father ? or the apprentice ? :)


Ignacio wanted to atone for a life of philandering and irresponsibility by fulfilling his obligation to his maestro. I don't think he ever promised to take care of the kids--he didn't necessarily know that the maestro even had kids, or that he was dead. In a way, Ignacio was searching for a father figure in his maestro, just as Fermin was searching for a father figure in Ignacio.

But in the end, Ignacio shows that he is still a son of a b1tch by abandoning Fermin despite all the help Fermin gave him. And Fermin will have to learn that there is no point in searching for mentors or heroes; you have to create your own destiny.

The movie didn't seem minimalist compared to other Latin American films of the past few years, many of which are just plain boring (eg, the films of Carlos Reygadas or Lucrecia Martel). The Wind Journeys, by contrast, was sheer pleasure from start to finish. Maybe Colombia is bucking the minimalist trend? Some other great Colombian movies have come out recently: Los colores de la montana, La pasion de Gabriel, and Retratos en un mar de mentiras. All of them are reminders that good, intelligent, artistic films don't have to be boring and pretentious.


Really good movie!! The only part i didn't care for is towards the end when all the guys walked in with their sunglasses on. It just felt fake to me; phony, right from the get-go, you could tell they were all acting. (Perhaps they were cast by a different casting agency?) Such a contrast to the rest of the film which felt very natural, which to me is a hallmark of a great movie.

Grade: A-/B+.


I don't remember that part at all. Are we talking about the same movie??


by - slipcat555 on Sat Jun 25 2011 16:44:56

I don't remember that part at all. Are we talking about the same movie??


See if this can jog your memory:

The movie was about 70% of the way through (i'm guessing).

There was a bunch of musicians sitting in a room together. There was a garage door of sorts (perhaps a ramshack wall?) that got torn down, i think, and all the men wearing sunglasses walked on through it.

To me, ^^ that ^^ was the part that seemed so out of place in an otherwise great movie. I said to myself, "What is THIS?!? Who hired these guys?!? And better yet - who wrote this part into MY movie?" lol. Them walking in like that just seemed so damn scripted/fake/out of place. It bummed me out because the rest of the film was so naturally acted, like the actors were born to play their parts.

Anyhow, the men is sunglasses sat down & auditioned all the musicians. All the musicians were all asked to play on the horned accordion. No one could play it the way they wanted.

-If you don't remember the horned accordion, it's not the same movie!!!

The horn accordion was a great concept, i'm sure sooner or later someone in a heavy metal band (or perhaps country) will put them on a electric guitar. (Hmmmmmmmm, that give me an idea!)

If all else fails, on this trailer.....


...one of the men wearing sunglasses says, "You're going to kill yourself over an accordion?" The man speaking is at the 1:32 mark, using the clock-counter on the left.

I hope you remember now!

Take care.


OK, I remember now. Yeah, definitely different from the rest of the movie.


It is the scene where the youth fight over the accordion and gets punched in the face and knocked out? Yes, very strange scene.

Great film. It had the feel and tone of a Bergman or Antonioni film. However, this movie is more likely to be appreciated by film buffs with knowledge of great cinema and an understanding of the concept of 'mise en scene.'

Please, do not watch this movie if your IQ is less than 125. You will only be disappointed, irritated and frustrated with yourself and the experience. It is not a film for your liking or tastes. Please once again, take my warning and advice, and proceed to another film instead. This will result in a much happier viewing experience, trust me.


Well-said, at700. But this film is not like Bergman or Antonioni, it's straightforward. It's emotionally powerful and richly cinematic and symbolic like the films by the former filmmakers, but the plot is straightforward. No subtitles are even necessary. That is how universal the plot is, the themes run deeper than the veins of the earth. Father who are farther and their sins, breathing life into their sons and teaching them the world's music, only to forsake and abandon them. A major theme of mankind.The music - http://tinyurl.com/3vgxgq9


The "sunglasses guys" were coca growers. They got sudden money and power by growing coca leaves. And that scene shows some things:

- Even with money and power, they still are kind of ignorant. You can see this by the way they dress and act.
- They are indian-guajiros/ They don't speak spanish.
- They are not doing a casting. They use the place for a private party that last several days in which they drink, eat and have their own private shows. Musicians could go and perform for them and get paid (if they were pleased with the music) Something like the kings courts in the middle age.

Also, somewhere I read that most of the actors in the movie were regular people that the director found in the small villages where the film was done. So it would be not surprise that these 'sunglasses guys' were real Guajiros.

An excellent movie, one of my favorites from Colombia.


Thanks for that "shady" information! Enjoyed the film too.


It wasn't exactly clear to me either, but one thought I had was that the note informed Ignacio that he was now the "new master" and that he was to "take it from here".

I'm not sure how he was "abandoning Fermin" as another poster stated since Ignacio didn't invite Fermin along in the first place.

Perhaps Ignacio, by bringing back the accordian, now can retire to a life of contemplation, while Fermin must return and work through all the greed, lust, violence, and other temptations of life for himself.


interesting little movie.


When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


I dont want to see any spoilers. Patton Oswald just introduced this movie on TCM, about to dive in now... but yes, I was wondering why there weren't more reviews, especially with the film's rating and reviews supplied. Hoping it's worth the watch.


"Shouldn't there be some posts on here?" :)

Well, this is the USA ;)

Beautiful film with just the right rhythm and pacing ~ for me anyway. Kudos to TCM for airing it.

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