Soooooo much padding...

A tip for the production team: no one is watching this to see your CGI montages or non-Python celebrity interviews.

No one gives the slightest *beep* what Seth Green or Russell Brand thinks about Monty Python.

No one thinks your exploding television, goofy lawyer, opening song, etc., are clever.

This series has more filler than a Scotsman's dinner.


I agree that the stuff with the younger comedians talking about Python was useless. The Russell Brand stuff was particularly crap, to the point of being outright annoying. Stop trying to wax philosophical, you babbling chimp.

But I don't agree completely, because I didn't think there was enough of it to impact the show much. Some idiot would mumble for a few seconds and then it was back to the good stuff. Lots of the non-Python interviews were with people who actually worked with them, and their comments were most welcome.


Fair enough.


I liked the them songs; very Pythonesque, ala the Life of Brian theme.

Fortunately, Ah keep mah feathers numbered for just such an emergency!