Enjoyed it, but...

The series was fun to watch, but really didn't cover much new ground. And, for something dealing with Monty Python, it was a bit too reverent.

My favorite part was in the last episode, John Cleese saying that when you get old you laugh less, because you've heard most of the jokes. And Gilliam talking about how life surprises you less than when you were young, as it becomes more predictable, and you have to keep looking for the surprises.

"Sometimes you have to take the bull by the tail, and face the truth" - G. Marx


For me the informal conversational aspect of it was what made it a great watch, I watched the six hour blu-ray over two nights, and it made me feel as if I'd sat down for an extended roundtable conversation with the boys (however some of the celebrity-fan interjection was questionable, Russell Brand and Seth Green were annoying additions, and Sanjeev Bhaskar made me wish my lounge room was equipped with a barf bag). Dan Aykroyd was fun to have aboard, if only to give a truly American perspective on Python.

I think it showed all living Python members as far mellower than they might have been even 10-15 years ago, and it was heartening to see all of them acknowledging each others contributions, with only the occasional flash of tension that led to their disbandment. Maybe we need an objective film crew to create a documentary that strips away the reverence... maybe get a look at it before the lawyers take their hacksaws to it!

Robert Altman


Yes, if they had limited it to just the group members talking, along with clips from the show, this could have been perfect. As it stands it was still enjoyable, but Seth Green was useless (as usual) and Russell Brand was annoying (as usual). I actually didn't mind Steve Coogan or Sanjeev Bhaskar (except for the fact that they were taking time away from the actual Pythons). It also would have been nice if they could have gathered all of the Pythons in one room for an interview, but I guess asking too much.


Getting them all together isn't impossible, there's a 30 minute feature on the Holy Grail 40th anniversary BD with all of them being interviewed.


Akroyd provided a Canadian perspective, actually.

There's an older documentary, Life of Python, that features bith Akroyd and Steve Martin adding their two cents about Python.

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