Epix is pretty not good.

Epix is hosting the movie for free on their website. You can watch it, but you have to sign up for a seven-day trial period, give them your e-mail, copy the number they send you, go back to the website and register, paste that number and THEN you can watch the movie. Besides the whole runaround just to watch something that's "free", the bit rate/frame rate (I don't know-- whatever its called) is so unbelieveably slow its like radio with pictures. Every so often the video will spring to life and there will be a fluid movement, but mostly it sputters and freezes in the most irritating way imaginable. What's frustrating is that a lot of Mr. C.K.'s funniest bits involves him acting stuff out. Maybe this is only a problem for me on my schitty compooter but I have feeling their server is over extended. They probably didn't expect as many people to sign up and now their whole system is failing under the added weight. A day later I tried to log in to take advantage of their "free trial period" and the freakin' website no longer recognized my login.


It's been working really well for me

Most of their movies there are obscure, forgotten movies


It worked well for me too. It occasionally froze but it took 5 seconds to reload and seek to where it left off. Honestly, as far as web players go I found it pretty decent.

Also, did you maybe type your Epix screen name instead of your email? Because that might be why you couldn't get back in.

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