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(Possible spoilers) Theories on the opening scene?

Hi guys, 4 questions regarding the opening scene (which were not resolved at the end of the series, nor following the 2 movies):
1. Why did Takizawa get completely naked before wiping his memory?
2. Who was he aiming his gun at, and why?
3. What was with the arsenal at his place?
4. What was he doing in Washington DC in the first place?

Regarding Q1, it is arguable that he was trying to rid himself of as much identity as he could before the memory-wipe. However, this becomes quite implausible when you consider that he only left his clothes a few metres away, and that he would readily be able to contact Juiz and follow the bread-crumbs anyway.

Regarding Q2, it is inconceivable that strolling up to the White House with a firearm could serve any practical purpose. Also, Takizawa seemed to be aiming his gun quite intentively, and would have probably fired if not for the memory-wipe. Who was he aiming at? Would it be Saki? Could she in fact be Selecao #7? Of course,the previous 2 theories are simply unfounded dramatic speculations, since (a) Takizawa ended up getting all his memories back (and if Saki was a Selecao whom he'd want to shoot, he would definitely remember that as well), and (b) Saki's character was developed as so far removed as a potential Selecao, that any story device revealing her as a Selecao in any potential sequels would simply be immensely contrived and unsatisfying.

Regarding Q3, this would obviously be to solidify his image as a terrorist, and it would therefore hardly be surprising for him to have a base in a foreign country. However, as later revealed in the story, Takizawa engages in "terrorism" - at most - through extremely pacifist and indirect means, and has not used any weaponry throughout the series and the 2 movies. This would make the arsenal quite redundant.

Regarding Q4, I honestly have no idea - presumably for the same reason he was aiming a gun before his memory-wipe.

The most plausible (and unsatisfying) theory, would be that the circumstances outlined in the questions were deliberately set up by the author, as a rather stilted way of introducing drama at the start of the series, as well as creating a curiosity-provoking juxtaposition between Takizaka's terrorist (and presumably ruthless) past and his current warm and easygoing demeanour. And after serving their sensationalistic purpose, the circumstances simply turn into minor plot-holes.

Please contribute your theories regarding the above questions.


I only just finished watching the series and haven't seen either of the movies, so I could be completely off base on anything I'm about to say. I think the primary reason you're confused is because you're assuming that Takizawa ever intended to survive past these events. I think he intentionally set it up so that he would appear to be a terrorist and be arrested and executed as such. This would bring an end to his involvement in the game and continue to protect the NEETs. In answer to your specific questions:

Q1. This is probably the hardest to answer. Perhaps just so he'd stand out more. If he was wearing clothes, he could hide the gun in his pocket and escape. Naked, he has nowhere to hide the gun on him, and he can't just walk away without being spotted.

Q2. I think he was just aiming his gun at the white house in general, an act that would certainly get him arrested as a terrorist.

Q3. Same answer. Just further evidence against him being a terrorist.

Q4. No, this is the hardest to answer. I don't know either. I mean, it might have just been an attempt to make the social/political/economical commentary behind the whole series work on a more global level. I really couldn't say.

Anyway, I don't really see a problem with questions one through three, but I'd be interested to discuss this more if there's any reason why my understanding of the first episode doesn't make sense. I'll be watching the movies soon, so hopefully those will shed more light on these questions. My biggest problem is just that he escaped that situation at all, which is downright ridiculous.