The Cold Blue

I'm thinking that this is a rare typo for the series, and the movie in episode 3 being shown was The Big Blue, directed by Luc Besson. Any thoughts?

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Definitely, or else maybe a similarly named/pictured movie to avoid copyright stuff.
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I think it would either have been for copyright reasons, or perhaps in Japan it was released as The Cold Blue.

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If you go to the "Connections/Referenced In" section in the trivia for The Big Blue it indicates that it is referenced in Eden of the East. ferenced_in

Saki describes it as "the French film with the dolphin" which made me think of The Big Blue. My guess is that they used a different title on the screen to avoid copyright issues or maybe to make people like us curious.


Odd, I wonder why it does not create a reciprocal entry here.

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It's skirting a copyright issue.

Something similar occurs at the very start of episode 11 (approx 1:22 here: as the posters outside the cinema are for...
* Witness, starring Sammy Stuart
* Butchery Lucy & The Sunset Kids, starring Pearl Norman, Roberto Redhot and Catherine Rose
...with posters that look remarkably similar to those of Rear Window and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid respectively.

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