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HELP???? may contain spoilers.

I'm confused about those tiny alien-like creatures that always get on Takizawa. What are those things? First, he saw them by a broken freeway and then saw them somewhere else at some other time that I can't seem to remember right now.


hmm i don't remember that. could you maybe tell me what episode that was in?


It's in episode 4. I just saw it again. I believe that he was hallucinating and they may probably represent the missing NEETS.


Yeah, I guess it's like guilt for the skinny guys, and then 'being betrayed by them'.

I also don't understand some things. Help would be very appreciated!:

How did the NEETs betray him?

They helped with the evacuation and were accused of knowing about the missles in advance and were blamed in rumors. Then they stole some things from the evacuees. Then the guy kidnapped them and shipped them to Dubai so that umm... people would forget about them and stop accusing them. And so the NEETs would hate him instead of the government or evacuees? Then he sent all but one of them back in crates still naked?

So where in that story does he get betrayed and depressed? If he can make himself look like a villian I don't get why being disliked makes him depressed.

What happened to the previous owner of the dog? Did she... kill herself or something?

Why did Akira say he was evil and they were all gonna die and then a few minutes later say 'hey everyone let's save Japan'?

Why delete his memory at the end? Why give her the phone?
I guess it's explained in the movies, idk.

Why were the first and later missles launched anyway? To make Japan want to rebuild itself and have new political will to address problems? I didn't get why #10 thought that was how to fix a country. Why did Saki think careless monday would cause change?

And why didn't any of the other 11 selecao just ask for a huge government position, they didn't want to or think Juiz could set them up with that?

How does pointing your camera at a missle and labeling it help bring it down? Juiz could've done it herself anyway.

Why was he naked with a gun in DC the first episode? Why was #1 there too? Why did he have all those passports and guns?

Why did #1 kill that fat guy only to tell the main guy everything and let him interfere? Did he just not care about #10's plan?

Is Mr. Outside #12 alive then? Since when can Juiz disobey orders like champagne?

What was the significance of Saki's interview abuse? To show that Japan's corporate structure is bad and needs to be eliminated?

That is a lot of questions. I'd appreciate some feedback!


I don't know how to make the link clickable, but here is a breakdown of the series according to Wikipedia. Hope it helps.



The part that doesn't make sense to me is, as they enter the mall at the start of episode 11, their shadows have the same skeletal appearance of Takizawa's visions (at 2:06 here:

Now that we have guided missiles, we have misguided men.

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They are distorted memories (He was memory wiped) of the 20,000 neets he vaguely still has memories of. He knows he's supposed to save them but he isn't sure if he's betrayed them or not.