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Outlandish Conspiracy Theories, eh?

So I'm watching this otherwise great show (dubbed of course) and the main guys talking with the hacker about 9/11 and the Red Scare when the hacker calls all the 9/11 conspiracies "outlandish".

I'm guessing the writers for the dub company are blind and brainwashed, because a hacker of that stature wouldn't just shrug off an attack like that after obviously spending years on end staring into the darkest depths of the net. Hell, it only took me about a year at best snooping around to see in-discrepancies in the official story and put together historical pieces provided by media. Its inconceivable he'd say this, and even the subs reflect his intelligence because they make no reference to anything being "outlandish", and frankly they just messed up that character for me by pushing obviously ignorant views onto an otherwise brilliantly intelligent character..



I watched it subbed at it tells the same story. It isn't unrealistic to create a very intelligent character that doesn't believe the conspiracies, because if you look into the conspiracies they have a lot more discrepancies than the official story. Either way, incredible anime.