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Yet another movie that stereotypes sororities

According to Hollywood, Sorority girls are the following:
Pill Poppers
Coke Whores
Walk around parties naked
Circle fat on girls
spend the night at frat houses

Truth is (I'm a bonafide Sorority girl):
You have to have above a 3.0 to even be in a national sorority, mine need to be a 3.3

yes sororities cost money, I won't argue with you there

Drinking and having parties is part of ANY college social scene. In my experience there was more alcohol incidents at the dorm involving non-greeks.

There is NOT ALCOHOL WHATSOEVER allowed a sorority house, and men are allowed only on the first floor.

At fraternity/sorority mixers alcohol is forbidden and every detail to the food served, location, time and theme of event must be approved by advisors. (after parties are a different story)

HAZING is a thing of the past. We aren't even allowed to have fun scavenger hunts! They do haze in most fraternities and the Big 9 was rumored to have very undesirable hazing practices at my college.

When sisters go to a party, they WATCHOUT for each other. Since guys put roofies or ecstasy or other crap in your drink. Go to the party together, leave together, and have a (couple) sober sisters.

We also are super into arts n' crafts yeah nerdy I know.