Best Kill? (Spoilers)

Some awesome kills in this movie, but which one did you enjoy the most? (I know that sounds messed up, but it's part of being a horror fan).

I loved the intro death with the Security Guard, it was so slick with the plastic thingy going over his head while he was sleeping, and they could have just let him die out from there. But then he gets the knife and turns a simple kill in to a solid bloodbath!

The party apartment had some great kills in it also, with it being a complete massacre.

The only one I had a little difficulty with was the pregnant girl falling on her stomach, start bleeding then got suffocated. That was brutal.

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""""The only one I had a little difficulty with was the pregnant girl falling on her stomach, start bleeding then got suffocated. That was brutal. """

That was like a nasty slice of old school CATIII sadism.
I like extreme films, I like Exploitation cinema and I'm well school in golden age Hong Kong extreme horror...But even then I thought that scene was gratuitously cruel.

I guess it did show just how cold blooded, utterly insanely, driven she is in her cause to good effect, but at the very least they could have shot it in a less leering way as far as the (basically) abortion-murder went.
The director seemed to overly revel in the fact that the victim was heavily pregnant well past the point of 'yeah, we get it'.

Perhaps it's because I'm now a Dad (?) but I thought it needlessly exploitative somehow.


Just watched this movie last night, and holy crap it was brutal.
Far more brutal than I thought it would be...and I loved it.
It just seemed like every kill went just beyond what a normal horror flick would show.
Probably the most brutal movie I have seen since Martyrs (ignoring simple torture porn like The Butcher and Grotesque).

My favorite kill was actually the pregnant lady. So vicious. A real punch in the gut.
I also thought the naked girl under the bed was great. After being stabbed with the broken plank, I loved the way the blank started banging against the others. And then when she came out later and feel, that was great. Reminded me of when I was a kid and watched Friday The 13th (I believe it was The Final Chapter). when Jason takes a machete to the side of the head, falls over, and slides down the blade.

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I don't think it had to do with you being a dad since I'm only 16 and I just hated that death scene. In my opinion they should have just left the pregnant ladies death out, though some argue that it shows the main characters insanity. It took away from the over-the-top deaths of the other people, it just seemed out of place.

That said, I like the death of the kid with the blue hair (I think it was blue). I know it's wrong, but I found it really funny how he got his insides spilled out and then he tries to take a puff and then he just sits there for 30 minutes before she finishes him off. I was like "wtf!? how is he even alive after all this time!"



My favourite was the security guard kill. So simple and yet so brutal. When he tried to cut the plastic strap, that made it for me.

I also agree with the brutality for the pregnant lady. It was a lengthy kill too. Absolutely enjoyed it.

The director is one sick SOB. Either him or Josie Ho, or both, whoever came up with those ideas.



I'm replying to KiNg_MistAh but this goes for all on this page.

You guys are way too sensitive! They give you a million deaths of adults who've worked hard their whole lives (fictional people of course), have kids of their own, have ambition, dreams, jobs, loved ones etc.... But what you're moaning about is an unborn? An unborn which has little to no consciousness! I'm not trying to start a debate on what a foetus actually thinks and feels, but it's no where near the thoughts, feelings and ambitions of a human being who's had years and years on this earth!

So quit your belly-aching! 😆

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The kills in this one were AMAZING. Seriously. I figured I'd seen just about everything a slasher had to offer killwise, and then this brought something new and crazy with just about every kill.

The most brutal and disturbing was EASILY the pregnant girl, so in that sense it was probably also the most successful (considering a lot of these kills were aiming for f-cked up) That said, the opening kill is up there too (And certainly... original O_O), the blueish-haired kid's was great too. Really, they're all great

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