SPOILER - How did Ernessa

end up in the trunk?

I was very curious about what happened to her body after she first died. If she committed suicide, why didn't her mother bury her properly? Was it because they were visiting a foreign country, an ocean between her father's suicide? Did the hotel try to hide her death, placing her in the trunk and indirectly cursing her to haunt the grounds?

All that was in the trunk was a bunch of soil and her diary. Where would the soil have come from? It seems like perhaps she had already died before she and her mother made the journey. Who else could place her burial earth in the trunk?

Does the novel offer more detail on Ernessa's origins? I suspect not since it appears that Rebecca didn't even bother to read the diary (a disappointing choice).


It to me was part of her vampire nature. The soil would have come from her real grave somewhere else which she put in a trunk that she brought to the Hotel to sleep in like a coffin. Dracula did the same thing in that the coffins he brought over on the Demeter where filled with his burial soil.