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Worth a Re-Visit to See J-Law Make Her Launch

Winters Bone came out in 2010. Jennifer Lawrence(J-Law) had been around working as a young actress for awhile -- a TV sitcom here, a small movie there -- and then this grim indie gave her a star-making part.

Its worth going back and looking at it today. For J-Law proved she had whatever it is that good actors have, early on, in a part that was pretty tailor made for the Oscar attention it got. Ree is a true heroine: pushed beyond her limits, forced to raise her two loving siblings with a mother who is mentally out of it and a father who has disappeared. Surrounded by drug-taking Ozark dwellers, Ree holds off against the relief that a good blast of meth might give her -- she's a good person and a tough person and its a great role.

I watched this again the other day and contemplated where J-Law would end up. Winter's Bone got her a trip to the Oscar ceremony -- and a zillion dollar franchise to make her rich(The Hunger Games.) Then she WON the Oscar -- Silver Linings Playbook.

She's spent the past few years without Hunger Games movies to draw big audiences, she is purposely making movies that a lot of people don't want to see -- the art film Mother, the brutal spy thriller Red Sparrow. Her off-screen persona is raw and rambunctious and she has a nude photo hack scandal to have moved her from teenhood to adult status.

Is her career about to flop? Oh, maybe -- but with multi-millions in her bank account and an Oscar on her mantle, J-Law likely has 20 more years at least to be a "bankable name" in movies, cable, wherever she wants.

But its been a long way from Winters Bone, and if you go back there and look at will see that J-Law had the goods, the talent, the actors empathy. She earned her trip to the top.

And Winters Bone will always be the proof.


carl, per usual, putting it down on paper for posterity.

A Sunday mornin' comin' down Direct Hit.


Well, thank you, Culburn...and a good Sunday mornin' comin' down to YOU.