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Poverty in the United States

This just made me truly realize how *beep* up American politics really is. People in Beverly Hills etc. living like royalty when people like Ree and Teardrop barely survives and lives with drug abuse and all kinds of abuse, really. The gap between poor and rich is widening even now. How can republicans still remain republicans after watching this film? Don't they have any sympathy for people?

What America needs is real secure welfare that doesnt miss ANYONE, it is hard, but you can achieve it. I live in Sweden so I know. Yeah you can call me socialist and all sorts of things, but we sure don't have so much poverty. Taxes aint that bad when they pay for health care, the dentist and ALL education (universities too).

America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and it still looks like this. I have lost faith...

Sorry for the rant, this film was just a huge bummer, reality is a bummer, I guess.

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Several major problems in the United States now:

1) Citizens United - a Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations and special interest groups to pour millions+ into the coffers of politicians (mostly Republican candidates), without disclosure. When Al Capone tried to do that, they called him a gangster.

2) Right-wing mass media (not just Fox News): Anyone who writes a post like your OP would be cast out as a socialist promoting class warfare. You have a good chunk of the U.S. population brainwashed by a media empire that sued for its right to lie to Americans (Fox News) and people constantly voting against their interests, including places like rural Missouri and Arkansas (depicted in the film). Because they've been brainwashed into thinking tax breaks for the top 2% are critical, unnecesary wars are valid, removing all regulations that protect the environment, our water supply, our air, trees and wildlife, and our food supply is essential to allow corporations to run wild, and the middle and lower classes (of which they are part of) cannot receive universal health care or MedicAid because they're lazy welfare moochers.

Add to the above 2 points this epidemic of the Evangelical movement, yearning to shut down all forms of artistic expression and opposing voices, claiming the current POTUS is out to take their guns away, and denying science at every turn.

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I live in West Virginia which actually is a Democrat state and many people have a sense of entitlement that is more typical of the urban ghetto and illegal aliens than of rural America but the vast majority are honest, hardworking people who want to make an honest living. I used to live in Maryland, a state that is run by three jurisdictions dominated either by liberal elites, illegal aliens, or ghetto people who feel entitled to welfare.

I'll use West Virginia which is becoming more conservative, and Louisiana, the classic Red state where I was born and spent my childhood, as examples. The actual "white trash" who live in the run down trailer parks (there are nice trailer parks too for those of you among the Northeast and California liberal elite) who are dependent on welfare DO tend to vote liberal. The poorest counties in West Virginia are the bluest. What many people don't understand is that despite higher rates of poverty in West Virginia and Louisiana, the vast majority of residents in these states still do NOT depend on the government and are NOT on welfare. There are many blue collar people and families who are not poor enough to benefit from government handouts (and we work hard and won't take a dime we didn't earn because we have pride in ourselves) yet are more affected by the liberal Democrats constant tax hikes than the liberal elite are.

For example Obama's war on coal is going to increase electric rates for most Americans. Democrats are always trying to raise the gas tax, income tax, etc. These things affect working class families a lot more than a rich Prius driving liberal living in a yuppie condo in Los Angeles. Most of us middle class and blue collar folks are hurt by Obamacare and by the liberal taxes, and our jobs are lost because of the EPA and liberal taxes and regulations that make America less competitive. The liberal elite only cares about those biotech and high-tech jobs like they have in Silicon Valley, they don't understand that people depend on coal mining, steel making, etc and they pass laws like ridiculous EPA regulations that force companies to move abroad. The US has the highest corporate tax rate in the entire world and companies headquartered here are taxed not just on US profits but on all income even abroad.

For many liberal elites, higher taxes are a trade off they are willing and able to make in order to promote their liberal social agenda of abortion, death penalty repeal, etc on the rest of us.


Considering you apparently don't live in the back woods somewhere, you certainly are ignorant. I'm not sure there is single correct fact in your entire post...wait, "several major problems in the United States now". Everything after that is simply untrue.

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I have family who lives in poverty like the people in this movie and they have welfare. Someone like Ree family could EASILY get welfare if they wanted. Some people don't want welfare. You obviously don't know much about our welfare system. Not everybody in the country lives this way either. Not all poor people or people in Ozarks are miserable or abusive. Why are you basing your opinion on a movie anyway?


You really can't compare Sweden to the U.S. Many people who came to the U.S. came here because they couldn't make it in their home countries. The people who stayed in their home countries (like Sweden) were the "winners" of society, and had no problem taking care of themselves. The U.S. just got everyone's trash. And yes, I suppose that includes myself as well.

Take a look at internet entries on race and intelligence. You may not want to admit it, but the proof is there. Study after study has shown this. Sweden and other Scandinavian countries are very "pure", and they have, and always will blow away Americans on the intelligence scale. The only race that can beat you guys is East Asians. And the sad fact is, in a capitalist society, intelligence is how you succeed. I didn't go from poor to upper middle class through hard work (although I did work really hard in the Navy), I did it because I am intelligent, and have good financial discipline. Capitalism rewards intelligent people. Where as socialism rewards lazy people. They both have their pros and cons, I won't get into a Capitalism and Socialism argument here except to say Sweden's system will not work in the U.S. because the U.S. has far more lazy people than Sweden. People who would not work, and would just take advantage of the system (which doesn't happen often in Sweden).

And regardless, we actually have quite an extensive welfare system in place already. You can get thousands of dollars from the government if you choose. As a post above mentions, many people choose not to take money from the government out of pride.

I am just saying there is upward mobility in the U.S. if you are smart. I am proof of this. But if you lack intelligence, you are unlikely to ever get out of poverty.


Sweden and other Scandinavian countries are very "pure"

and now those countries are fuuuuuuuked......thanks to low iq immigrants from the middle east and africa that are brought in by the thousands...LOL....😁................... 😖😭😣



Everything that is f'ed up economically and socially in the Unites States can be traced back to stupid, destructive leftist legislation and leftist politicians, going back to the 1960s. As long as people keep voting for Democrats and their lunatic policies, the problems will not only persist but will increase.