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Logic of not being afraid of a real thing that can kill you?

Eventually the "losers" find out that IT wants them to be afraid. So they make a whole thing about not being afraid of IT. Not like this is the first ever movie to have kids trying to overcome their fear of something.

But that makes no sense to me in this context. Georgie wasn't even that scared when he reached down to get his boat while Pennywise bit his whole fucking hand off. He was as real as it gets. Even if he had no powers and was just a lunatic serial killer adult, you should still be afraid because he can easily kill 13 year old kids.

Compare this to something like Freddy Krueger(which even the movie referenced). He only attacked in people's dreams so it made sense to not be afraid and try to control your dream. But you can't escape reality like you can dreams.

And even if that worked and IT didn't wanna eat them...just kill them and find other kids to scare?

Hope i'm not missing something obvious. I didn't read the book, only judging by this movie alone.


Yeah this is called an inconsistency. The movie tried to say that IT couldn't hurt you if you weren't scared, yet [spoiler]Beverly Marsh still got kidnapped and eye-zapped and Georgie killed[/spoiler]. So is it able to hurt you or not? Who knows lol.


Georgie got damn scared when the dancing clown changed his face into a whirlpool of sharp teeth. One may speculate if he had kept his cool, Pennywise could not have gone through with his bite... perhaps the reason he started with the arm. After this the boys scarness was pumped up to max. What a sweet treat he must have been.

Anyway, I see it more as a way to deflate the clowns powers... so indeed they gotta watch out but the less scared the less jacked IT is. During their final battle this is what we see, I believe. He gives up a good fight but does not have enough strength the defeat them for this very reason. Had they been chicken scared at this moment, IT would have had a field day with them...

In short, you have a point but the movie shows IT is still a danger if confronted with braveness... just much less.