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Mel Gibson should have had his "Han Solo" moment in this

...but liberal feminazi propaganda and haters of Mel prevented it , Mel was in perfect condition in 2013/14 he should have been Max again and maybe die heroically ...Arnie has 3 modern Terminator movies and maybe a Conan movie, Harrison Ford 2(TFA,IJ:KOTCS),Stallone also 2(Rambo 4,Rocky 6) but Mel Gibson was denied the chance to reprise the role that made him an action star because of the toxicity around him.George Miller was ungrateful to recast and diminish the role of Max making him a boring supporting role that does almost nothing in the entire movie and making Furiosa a female empowerment Mary Sue like any liberal leftist agenda movie the last decade


Yeah well maybe Miller wanted someone younger. It happends. This, or Gibson might have denied the role. Either way, I don't have a problem with Hardy taking over the role. Hardy is the prime example of a face that always looks pissed off. Perfect for a character called "Mad" Max.

On another hand, I would had taken Gibson again without any hesitation. He was a perfect fit as well. But if he was refused for the reasons you mentioned, well he kinda had it coming. A bad reputation can kill a career, and he is far from being the only person in Hollywood affected by this. This is what happens when you are a celibrity: your actions are well known by pretty much anyone who bothers reading some celebrity magasines. So, as ridiculous as it may sound, your mistakes become a public concern.

So yeah, poor Mel, he used to be such a promising actor.


Gibson didn't want to do it. I remember reading sometime around when Fury Road begun production that Gibson said that he's too old for the role now. If it had been made like a decade or so earlier he would have done it.

George Miller did want to do fury road with Mel but it was too late. From my understanding Miller and Gibson are good friends but they waited too long to make another MM film together.


Yeah, I agree. I thought Miller blew a great opportunity to create a new character -- played by Tom Hardy -- set in the original Mad Max universe.

In my imagined screenplay, Hardy would have been someone looking for the original Mad Max. In fact, there were rumours for awhile that he was playing the Feral Kid grown to adulthood.

Eventually, he would have either discovered:

i. the remains or grave of the original Mad Max; or

ii. an older, even more cynical, Max who lives a hermit existence, but sacrifices himself to save Hardy and/or another band of survivors, thus exiting the series.

That would have left Miller free to continue the saga as its own stand alone franchise. I originally pitched this idea on the old IMDB forum a few years before Creed essentially did the same thing with the Rocky franchise. And the idea of a new character searching and finding a character from the original movie(s) was used in Bladerunner 2049. I think Hollywood scriptwriters stole my concepts! Any lawyers out there?

Anyway, as it stands now, this one movie is likely to be an outlier. In my mind, it's NOT a Mad Max movie, just another post-apocalyptic action flick.

However, I also heard the rumour that Gibson was offered the role, but turned it down because he considered himself too old. Which makes all of this just a fun bit of speculation. Ironically, during a recent Graham Norton interview, he mentioned that that he has had informal discussions with Danny Glover and Richard Donner about doing another Lethal Weapon.


Dude was a great movie. The best Mad Max ever. A reboot...go cry to mama you big baby. Mel DIDNT want to do it. He said so. This Mary Sue Bullshit is dumb. Ever since Rey from Star Wars crybabies like you can't stand strong female characters....πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„