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Couldn't stand Hong Chau's Vietnamese dissident accent...

Every time she spoke it was like some whiney Asian lady going "me no speaky English, no luv you long time, do I say white boy". Mind you I only got to the part where she was helping out some poor Mexicans in some shanty town so I am still watching (though probably won't change my mind about her).

Surprised this system is abused or easily accessible to the very poor or rather looks like the illegals managed to get in. You'd think they'd have strong security and screening process over such a thing.


Yeah, I thought she was very hard to understand.

I'm trying to go for an entertaining, informative youtube channel so, if you have the time, take a look. Hope you enjoy what you see and if you have any thoughts or criticisms, i'd love to hear them. Thanks in advance. Review right here-


YES. She was so annoying I couldn't make it through this movie.


That is the accent Vietnamese born people translates to when speaking English.
You think your accent would sound funny to Vietnamese if you knew their language?


She was a bad character all together.

The way Matt Damon starts taking orders from her was just total nonsense.

Their romance came out of nowhere and was even worse.

The first half an hour of this movie was ok, seemed to go somewhere interesting, but the rest was horrible.

I still can't believe Hong Chau was nominated for a Golden Globe.