No charm

The humor and charm of the original are not in this movie.

The sets, CGI, and action are good. The acting is fine. But its hindered by the fact that it's a remake of a movie that's more fun.

Like most remakes, this is too gritty and dark to be fun and interesting. The future tech is too impractical to be enjoyed. This film would have faired better under a different title and no call backs.

The lense flares are annoying. The call backs remind me of a better film, and the good of the film is destroyed by the "need" to be nostalgic.

It's a decent but forgettable science fiction movie at best.


"It's a decent but forgettable science fiction movie at best."



It's a remake that everyone has forgotten about now.

And it's one of those remakes like the Nightmare On Elm Street remake or lady Ghostbusters where people are like "No no no you balls it up or your doing it all wrong".