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Who'd Have Guessed This Was Better Than Season 2?

This series was fun to watch, with its reimagining of the main characters (gotta love Yuki playing porn games and singing(!)). But while I was watching it, I only felt it was a pleasant diversion from the real series that was about to air. And I couldn't have been more wrong. This "joke" of a series has turned out to be infinitely better than the crap passing for Season 2 at the moment. The characters do things, and the episodes are all different. Ah, those were the days. And we actually feel like we get to spend time with characters. Honestly, I've been watching these characters for 6 weeks now, and it feels like they haven't been on the screen at all. What I wouldn't do for another Yuki and Chibi-Achakura scene. Or any scene that was vaguely different.

Honestly, I don't know how anyone can pretend to like Season 2 at the moment, outside of trolling. Compare Endless Eight with this series, or season 1, or Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, and it isn't even close. I know history has been filled with misunderstood artists whose work was eventually appreciated later on, but different isn't always better, which is the case here. Modern art, atonality, communism, and naziism were new around the beginning of the 20th century. Some were eventually appreciated, while others were seen for the crap that they are. And this is the case here. This goes beyond an artistic chance. This is boredom and laziness, if not just pure stupidity.

If Haruhi was made in America, this shjt would've been axed long ago, and it would have been the first time in the history of the world that the suits would've been right. Wasting time and energy on producing the exact same episode has been nothing but a complete and utter failure. There is no possibility for a dissenting opinion here. This is fact. Even the most hardened supporter must admit that this has gone on far too long now. Time will not ease these wounds, or let us see what these morons were thinking. With luck, we will all forget this terribleness some day, and will try to pretend that we weren't there for this headshaking mess.

So Haruhi-chan fans, take heart. By the end of the year, this light-hearted series will be all that's left of the SOS Brigade. Because these DVDs will fly off the shelf, while the "real thing" dies a slow and painful death. And no one will care.