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g+w donkey kong game fail

why this horrible song when he open and play the g&w donkey kong game from 1982?... this orange donkey kong game from 1982 is one of the most sold g&w games world wide. to try add something extra scary atmosphere to it, is wrong, this is an icon from the 80's every kid that did grow up in the 80's blooming gaming area know about it. this new game sounds is ridiculous, it ruin the whole movie, what where the film makers thinking of???... if they just have keept the orginale "peep peep" sound. it would have been more authentic, more scary. they could have build up the tension, now it is just a comedy. dont let me start on the 19 years old battery... haha...

more info about the g&w donkey kong game from 1982...


Seriøst Per, om det ødela alt for deg og gjorde det til en komedie er det noe veldig galt med fantasien din. Må absolutt alt være 100% som i virkeligheten?



Wow, OP, you're a loser. I had that same game, and I didn't care. I certainly didn't care enough to make a thread on IMDB about it. I certainly didn't care enough to laugh at the film makers who probably couldn't afford the royalties to NIntendo for the sounds. But, people like you seem to be, don't think of those things. You are too excited about all the attention you'll get when you 'p0wn' the film makers on a forum they don't even read. Have you ever stopped to think that the film makers don't care: they are making films while you only watch them and complain about insignificant things.