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The "haters just wanted Joker" fallacy

Some claim that the ONLY reason people bash dark knight Rises is because it 'did well' without having the Joker is it at all. This is by definition a fallacy as literally NO ONE has made the argument saying "it needed the joker" or anything even close to that. All the criticism are about the disappointing anti-climatic finale, silly plot holes, over reliance exposition dialogue, generally speaking lazy writing (Blake's I just looked at you and knew you were batman type lazy dialogue), and most importantly the terrible pacing. Of the Nolan films Rises has the worst pacing.

No where, and I mean NO WHERE in this criticisms is there anything about the Joker not being present. 100% fallacy argument, made by those with weak arguments that can't defend this film. Pathetic.

The demented fans that make this argument will badger and harass you and constantly respond to literally everything you write and try to push you off the site and the board so they can continue in their deluded fantasy. They will call you immature for calling out their asinine B.S. and will constantly make' counter arguments' that often have nothing to do with the point you are talking about.


For those that claim that this is not a fallacy or that I don't understand what a fallacy is here is the freaking definition of this "haters just wanted more Joker" fallacy.

It is called an appeal to motive also known as fallacy of relevance. it is closely related to an ad hominem circumstantial argument. But when attributing a false motive it is also a strawman fallacy. So those that claim that "haters just didn't like Rises because it did well without the joker" are actually committing 3 logical fallacies (non-arguments) in one sentence. It would be impressive if they were doing it as an example of what poor argumentation looks like; but they are 100% dead serious on it. Which means they are stupid.

Oh and also for good measure claiming I don't know what a fallacy is, is itself a fallacy; attack on credibility is another ad hominem. for those paying attention watch for the pattern of this by those claiming Rises is a perfect film; no reasonable defense when addressing criticisms just ad hominems (much like the TFA defenders they claim to hate). Hypocrisy and lack of self awareness are just astounding in this case (fucking basket case to be specific)