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Doubling down and false claims of debunking

Some people make the argument it is perfectly fine that batman disappeared for the 8 years in between Dark Knight and Rises. They make the argument that crime all but disappeared and there was no need for Batman. These people also will make up straw-man arguments like "People seem to think that Bruce Wayne and Batman disappeared from the public eye at the same time and that it's dumb that people didn't immediately figure out Bruce was Batman" when no one actually made this argument that Bruce Wayne disappeared. The film is quite clear Bruce was still actively doing things until his reactor project busted so I am not sure where this 'counter argument' even came from.

Now BATMAN did in fact disappear for those 8 years; the film states this he has not been seen since Dent died. There are 2 large problems with this argument:

Our good friend LiquidOcelot brought up the first one, it is not realistic or believable that crime would just vanish and cops would be only "chasing down overdue library books". There was still a criminal enterprise that still existed and there are always crazy people and opportunist, so the argument "there was no crime" is just asinine. (amazing all those drug dealers and addicts just rehabilitated over night because Harvey Dent died, "Praise be to Jesus")

But the 2nd larger problem with this line of thinking is: even if Gotham didn't need Batman; Bruce Wayne still needed him. Dark Knight specifically states this, he will never be rid of his need to be Batman (and this is inline with who Bruce Wayne is in the comics and the reason Alfred takes issue with Bruce in Rises; because he can't give it up). Those that double down on rises being perfect will claim " For the second 4 years between TDK and TDKR Bruce was sitting around hoping there would be a need for him to put the Batsuit on again because he felt Batman was all that he had left and he wanted to die being Batman." But this is in direct contradiction with the 'facts' of the film. Bruce totally and completely gave it up for 8 years. He didn't stay in shape, he didn't make efforts to repair his body so he could 'suit up' again when needed, he did not make any efforts to improve his bat tech (for 8 years nothing) he doesn't even repair the tumbler for Christ sake he is still using the batpod at first. But the demented fans that think the film is perfect will not actually address these FACTs and instead double down in their fallacies and make false claims they have debunked them as misconception without actually addressing the facts and arguments.

The film clearly tells us he moved on to Bruce Wayne related projects until they failed. So basically we are told that 'when onscreen' he can't stop being batman; but off screen he seems to have no problem with it, as long as he has other projects he is working on. It is a ridiculous argument and just more bad efforts to try to imagine that Rises is a perfect film (an argument made by those that stayed up all night thinking about Bane's man boobs while whacking off). when in reality it isn't really even a good film; it is okay at best. very flawed writing, bad pacing; but some really good sequences, some good performances, a few good action sequences and solid editing. Technically speaking it is good (not great) but the writing is weak and the pacing is terrible; especially when compared to the high quality character and dialogue writing and damn near perfect pacing of the Dark Knight.



Those that try to spin their way out of this poorly constructed argument by triple down on their false claims of debunking fallacies and not actually address the fallacy; instead try to passively insult their way out of their false claims but present no facts (just conjecture) as their proof. And then make non-arguments that are so incoherent people think they are making the opposite point they were attempting to make.

All this just because they are pathetic and have no life outside defending a film they spent all night whacking it to. Which is why they are aggressive about attacking anyone that voices a different opinion and they will ignore the facts that reinforce the critical opinion. It is demented fanatic like behavior.


LOl the defenders are retarded. crime disappeared, rug addiction dsiapeared, poverty disappeared, criminals changed their life around.

this is the extent these sad psychos will go. deny literal reality to defend a film.