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A random person's review - Pretty good, but definitely more Harry Potter than Addams Family

Binged it with my daughter... we loved The Addams Family movies and 60s TV show. We enjoyed it.

Ortega is solid, though more badass than creepy. The setting is different, and it works. Thing steals the show, even though he's just a hand. There is a lot going on with four or five mysteries at once. At one point we had to pause to list them out. The supporting cast works, especially Wednesday's roommate Enid. It's got an eerie, gothic Tim-Burton feel to it, which gives the show a nice vibe throughout.

It's definitely more in tune with the Harry Potter movies than Addams Family. It's absolutely fine, but I had to switch gears when I went in - I was expecting more in tune with the crazy antics from the TV show and movies. She's basically in Hogwarts. There are mysteries within the halls she has to find, complete with secret passageways, creepy staff, and rivalries with other students. People have powers - werewolves, witches, sirens, ghosts, telekinesis, shape-shifting, Wednesday is clairvoyant, etc.

It's a fun ride - I'd give it a B. It does have a couple major problems that keep it from being an A.

- Luis Guzman is a trainwreck as Gomez. I get he looks somewhat like the original drawings Charles Addams did, but it just does not work. He looks seriously uncomfortable in every scene as if he doesn't know what he's supposed to do. He has zero chemistry with Zeta-Jones, which is critical for their very affectionate relationship to seem believable. Gomez could have brought some much-needed humor, which is my second nitpick.

- It's just not funny. Wednesday is supposed to be the opposite of a sweet little girl. That's where her humor is derived from. In this, she's simply incredible at everything and just comes off as a bitch instead of creepy. Yet in the end everyone wants to date her or be her friend. So there isn't a lot of humor to be derived from. She says her lines and a couple hit, but taking her out of the normal world element and dropping her into Hogwarts takes some of that away since she's surrounded by fellow weirdos. Burton should rely on the surrounding characters for levity, but her family, teachers, and friends just aren't that funny. Trish and Gomez barely do anything. Pugsley is just a chubby, pathetic boy. Lurch stands around in the background. So we have Thing and Enid to do all the heavy lifting.


Heard it was shit. Reviews over at imdb suggest that it's total trash.


You are full of shit. Few say it's trash.


Definitely agree with everything you said. I just binged it Saturday night and though I liked it, I kind of was hoping for something a little more. The whole Harry Potter thing was a little much for me. It was Harry Potter meets Scooby Doo meets Monster High. Not necessarily bad just...I dunno...not really my cup of tea. I do prefer when it's a fish out of water scenario with her in the normal school.

I definitely have to do a little more research on the comics maybe but I found a lot of the Addams's actions really out of character. For example, the parents punishing her by taking her to boarding school over the piranha incident when I feel like they would be praising her for her creativity and things. Gomez acting all remorseful and stuff over that death when their whole identity is death and all that. I dunno. Again, maybe I missed stuff or something but...The characterizations in this sense just felt off for me.

I'm also not a big mystery fan. I'm boring that way I guess. Not a fan of 100 red herrings and trying to figure out who's guilty of what. I hate fake mis directions and stuff. The characters I liked turn out to be bad and the characters that creeped me out turned out to be good. Maybe that's a message judging a book by its cover but it was a little much for me.

Loved Morticia, loved Fester, Thing DID steal the show. Wednesday was good and all the other characters were cool. I'm interested to see what a season 2 does.


It has problems, but I also really enjoyed it. My biggest gripe with it is that it doesn't feel like an Addams Family story because it's not, it's essentially Sherlock Holmes but with more overt supernatural elements. As a fan of Elementary, I can confidently say both shows share a surprising amount of parallels, to the point where I couldn't help thinking Burton must be an Elementary super-fan while watching - down to making friends with a bee-keeper.

In a lot of ways, it's actually antithetical to what The Addams Family represents, in that there are no "normies", everyone else is just doing a better job of passing as normal, whereas the Addamses aren't trying to pass and embrace their weird. Separating Wednesday from those "normies" doesn't work because the contrast against other "outcasts" is no longer distinct and setting her up to be unique even in her own family and simply "not like all other girls" kills off any chance of any of the other Addamses having anything to do. I do blame J.K Rowling for popularizing magical boarding schools in kids fantasy stories, but given it's a Sherlock Holmes rip-off, it makes perfect sense.

But I still had a good time watching it, and I love Sherlock Holmes, so it's not a complete miss.