Why is everyone always late?

If everyone knows when and where their targets are arriving then why are they ALWAYS late?

Sarah and Pops knew when and where the T-800 was arriving they could have prepared earlier and sniped him before he interacted with those punks. No need for a confrontation with Pops. Even if Pops wanted a confrontation why not have him use the .50 cal sniper instead of a useless shotgun?

The T-1000 knew Kyle would be arriving in that alley but shows up after he arrives. Why not show up very early and wait for him? It could have disguised itself as the homeless guy and easily killed him.

Sarah knew where Kyle was going to be too and should have been there earlier to save him. I guess they had just taken care of the T-800 and was on their way to find Kyle but if they knew Kyle was coming they should have split up and have Pops handle the T-800 with the .50 cal and Sarah rescuing Kyle.

Sarah and Kyle time travel to 2017 and Pops is supposed to be there waiting for them but his excuse is....he got stuck in traffic. This is just straight up dumb. He's been waiting for them for 33 years. You'd think he would know it was a pretty important event and he would get there half a day early to wait for them. I don't mind comedy if it doesn't interfere with the story but this does and is stupid.

Side question: if the T-5000 had already infiltrated John's squad why did it let Kyle travel back in time? If Kyle doesn't go back he can't help defeat Skynet. If it's the original 1984 timeline he can't protect Sarah and she dies, no John Connor. If it's the altered 1984 timeline he wouldn't be there to inform Sarah that Genisys was Skynet. Skynet goes online, no John Connor. Although it could have been an interesting storyline if they then made Sarah into the leader of the Resistance who helps defeat Skynet.

Anyway, even though there was loads of nonsensical sh*t like this in the movie I still liked watching it. It was fun and enjoyable for some reason. It was far better than Salvation which I found to be pretty boring and forgettable.