The Comics?

Whether you’re a current reader or curious moviegoer, my All About X-Men Comics Podcast will appeal to the X-Men fan inside of you!

Yeah this is totally one of those “please visit my site” posts, but after years away from reading comics I really do want to build a new community of X-Men fans to chill and “nerd out” with! In a lot of ways I want this podcast to be the kind of resource I wished I had back when I didn’t have the money and/or time to stay up to date with the X-Men, but it’s also totally just about having fun, even though on occasion we try and dig into a topic philosophically.

If anyone reading this has an X-Men related page, ‘cast, channel or whatever, hit me up and I’m down to talk about cross-promotion, or even just checking out your page!

~ Scorpio Moon

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