Nice doc., but...

...I wish it was longer. I would also like to see Kori release a full length cd. She has a nice voice.


I agree with both comments. Kori has a lovely voice. Unfortunately (fortunately) she lives under the shadow of someone who has made their name in the world in a big way.

Definitely a mixed blessing.

I wish her luck.

No two persons ever watch the same movie.


I thought it was long enough and fairly thorough. They included enough about his past and musical career as well as his current state and his legacy with kids, especially his daughter, Kori. Sometimes artists don't want to talk abot all aspects of their careers or lives.

Bill sounds like he'd been worn down by the music business which is believable since they have a way of trying to pigeonhole black artists who want to express themselves differently than the rest of the pack. Black singer/songwriters have always had a tenuous time with the music industry who are quick to just label all black artists as merely "entertainers" rather than distinct solo voices of individual expression.

Would have been nice to hear this thoughts on his trip to Africa during the Ali-Foreman fight in 1973. They also could have asked him how he felt about other artists covering, remixing or "sampling" his music in the past like Club Nouveau's version of "Lean On Me" in the 80s or BlackStreet's "No Diggity" that sampled "Grandma's Hands".