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Simply amazed at this...

...load of crap.

Being a big fan of Mathew Horne, and huge fan of Gavin & Stacey, I decided to give this show a chance even after reading the horrible reviews.

I can't believe this show made it all the way to six episodes. It's truly that horrible. So many recurring characters weren't funny the first time they appeared, much less over and over again.

The worst part of it was seeing Mat Horne's enormous potential squandered on such juvenile drivel. Seeing him reduced to this kind of garbage was painful. Fart jokes? Fat boy showing off his gut? Flamboyant gay man? Whatever demographic this humor was intended to entertain, I left it around age 7 I think. I keep telling myself that Mat Horne probably had very little to do with the writing and was obligated to remain on the show, which helps me maintain my high opinion of him.

I credit the people of the UK for crushing this show. In America, something like this would probably have survived. In fact, it's called Saturday Night Live.


I agree with what you're saying...except about Matt Horne's potential

Isn't he just a nice guy but pretty flat and one-dimensional? I loved 'Gavin And Stacey' but he was the least adventurous character, or near to it.

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