Just watched it

Here are my thoughts,

It felt very american. I guess because the author wrote the screenplay. Except for the characters speaking japanese, there was very little to really distinguish it as a japanese film.

I liked Maki as Naomi. She's a little too cutesy at times though. The only other thing I've seen her in is Hana Kimi, and she was pretty much exactly the same here. After she cut her hair, I had a hard time distinguishing Naomi from Mizuki.

I liked Kenichi a lot, he's very good as hot, mysterious guy so I was a bit sad he went crazy and she ended up with the other guy

This was the first time I've seen Yuya in anything I think. I liked him as well. Still hoped he'd be the unlucky childhood friend though. However, I did like the reveal that lead to him being a potential love interest. Naomi was a bit mean not telling him in private that she got her memory back. Mirai deserved a happy ending though

I was surprised to see that Anton's character wasn't a complete *beep* as I expected going into the film. I really like Anton Yelchin, but he felt a little out of place here. I think he overacted a bit.

I loved all the japanese-accented english.

I liked the way they showed the photos popping up all over the place.

The final voice-overs were a bit much though.

All in all, I liked it a lot. I don't think I've seen a decent new teen film in a while so it was refreshing.


This is my review based on the dvd that I ordered, no english subtitles available at the moment though.

I was suprised how much I liked the movie, it wasn't perfect but it was very good with solid acting and lot's of wonderful details.
Maki was very good, she really had worked hard on her english skills so it's really her talking (Hans confirmed this) and her acting was solid.
She really did portray Naomi very well, you see Naomi grow up and becoming a different person maybe you could see she becomes more of an adult.
Kenichi was wonderful as Yuji and he had great chemistry with Maki. His character had a lot of troubles and in the end you realise even though Naomi likes him she can't help him become better.
Of course for those who have read the book know what happens between Naomi and Yuji.
Tegoshi was a suprise, I'm no big fan of any JE boys but his portrayal of Mirai was very good. Kenichi did outshine him but he did very well and he made Mirai very likable.
Anton was funnya and cute as Naomi's boyfriend Ace, even though the part wasn't huge he was still a great character and did very well. The japanese casts english was very good especially Maki's, the music was great and the photographs was a nice touvh to the whole thing.
In the end it was a very nice movie and hopefully it will get a wider release.


Yeah the american boyfriend seemed so out of place. Maybe it was because whenever the japan actors were talking english those scenes felt so forced and awkward. But when the movie was in japanese it was great and flowed really well.