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'Dedicated to whoever vandalized my car.' Cool!

I was moved by Erin's story. Many of us have experienced discrimination or hate crimes of one sort or another. For me, it was harassing phone calls and death threats mailed to my home address. For a friend of mine, it was losing his job. Another of my friends was murdered and his body burned.

Sometimes, such an event can radicalize a person. It can turn a victim into an activist. That's what happened with Erin. Erin comes across in the movie as a very ordinary woman. What happened to her led her to do an extraordinary thing. I admire her dedication, and I sympathize with the hardships she endured because of it.

Further, her story inspired others to do brave things that they might not have done otherwise. Her sister and mother spoke out publicly because of Erin's trouble. They might not have done so had this not happened. Erin's ride-along friend, who helped find out whether it would matter if the driver were a man, got to participate in direct action because of Erin's example.

For Erin, this crime committed against her became an avenue for personal growth and empowerment. Would that we all reacted this way.


What would you do if someone vandalized your car?
If someone wrote an epithet in bright red letters across the windows?

You'd probably want to get back at the person or people who did this.
Erin Davies found a way to "get back", that does not use violence or petty spite. She managed to turn the situation around to her advantage, AND bring attention to a problem and some of its victims.

And I'm sure that pisses off the haters.
I'm not sure what they expected… did they think the cowardly act of vandalizing a car in the middle of the night was going to change the car owners sexuality? Did they hope she would hide a way in shame and fear.
Well, that didn't happen.
And i'm sure that infuriates the haters.

And Erin is just an average person. Nothing special. NOt a super gifted film maker or speaker. We can pick apart her specific actions for not being storybook perfect. BUT she did it. She turned it around. And I bet that pisses off even more people. Despite all her flaws, she's doing something to make a difference.
She's trying and the haters are left in the dust bitching and moaning.


Who me? What would I do today? Like in the morning? I'd call the cops. I'd probably call a couple of news reporters I know. I'd try to get some pictures. Then I'd clean up the car and see what happened. And I'm sure what I'd do would have nowhere close to the impact of her road trip and her film.

But my story is different from hers. I'm thirty years older, and I've spent years in gay activism. I'm old enough to know the drill. It's clear from the movie that she's new at all this, but I'd say she learned pretty fast and got pretty good at it. Would that more of us were so bold from the beginning.


I still think the guy who left the note that she made it up (who mysteriously had the same handwriting as the graffiti) did it....

His on-camera awkwardness peaked when he insisted he didn't.