Meet the CLOWNS!

I never thought there could be a show any worse than House of Payne, but Tyler Perry did it in this piece of $&^@


I have seen previews of this series and also I have seen the pilot episode.
If there was going to be a show even WORSE or PATHETIC than House of Payne(which was in my opinion the worst black family sitcom EVER!!!),than Tyler Perry's new series "Meet The Browns" is even worse!!!! Its not even funny.
Its stupid. Really stupid. Seeing black folks running around like chickens in a barnyard while acting incredibly retarded(including the main character,David Mann,who was in the movie version of the same title as well as in many of Perry's plays)gets boring with the quickiness!!!!

And they can't figure out why in the hell don't we have anymore good black sitcoms anymore...we DON'T!!!!

Its been 25 years since The Cosby Show(1984-1992)

Its been 20 years since Family Matters(1989-1998)

Its been 30 years since Good Times went off the air!!!(1973-1979)


I think this show is an insult, a real throwback to the years when black people were portrayed as ignorant on television. It's not right and it's not good.

I love Tyler Perry. But maybe he is losing his connection to the people and the fact that when you break into television, you have to be careful how you portray ethnic people because the whole world is watching.

I agree, this is like Meet the Clowns.


This is why TBS has cancelled "Meet The Browns" after 12 episodes.

This show was an insult and a real throwback to the years when blacks were portrayed as ignorant buffoons on television in this day and age it's not right and it is an embarrassment. When will we as a people learn?

Don't get me wrong with Tyler Perry. He has done a great deal for bring blacks back on television and I love his work,but from what I have seen from some of the episodes of "Meet The Browns",and from my perspective,the episodes were just plain stupid. Like the previous comment when you see ethnic people portrayed on television,the whole world is watching because you'll never know who's looking to make a quick comment. And the audience was watching. From the first episode,it was pathetic from the get-go.

However,TBS has renewed "House of Payne" for another season,and that show has gotten out of control too. We'll see how long it will last.

"Meet The Browns" will not be back for a second season.



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Just from the radio previews and when passing through the channels, I can not get into this shucking and jiving show. I'm not crazy about his Madea either. I guesS I am more of a Spike Lee or the movie Crash type of dramatic with eliments of humor to it appreciater.


I have to agree also, I've never really been a fan of the whole "madea-craze," I find a lot his work especially his two TBS shows to be setting us back...I find it to be an embarrassment!

Also I "tried" to give the "House of Payne" a little chance, but I honestly didn't know when to laugh--not really my type of comedy! I really don't see how it was ever "#1 show" or how it stayed on as long as it did =|


dont worry ashlel, this is just a bad show, it has nothign to do you with your taste in comedy.

it was only the #1 show on their network during the time it was on. You cant believe in any number rating or "____ of the year". As long as someone said it somewhere they can act like its a truth everyone would say.

It makes me so sick that people would argue this show isnt *beep*


I like tyler perry's work but this thread title is funny.

popeye has ate his spinach


I concur, Mr Brown already looks partly like a clown, he just needs the nose and makeup!!!


The show isn't cancelled, it's been showing new episodes

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Why does everyone who hates this I do....keep saying..."I love Tyler Perry" or "Don't get me wrong...I love his work". THEN they bash this sorry excuse for a show. The man is a sellout. He produces nothing but embarrassing GARBAGE. Stop sticking up for a buffoon!