Cora on this show

In other Tyler Perry productions, Cora comes off as your typical Christian woman with conservative values but, for some reason Tyler Perry made her character borderline intolerable in this show.

1. In the episode where her and Sasha were fighting for the woman of the household role, she was just too annoying for me. The scene that comes to mind is when she comments on Brianna wearing too much makeup (although her face looked exactly the same as it looks in every episode). When Sasha says that it's only a little makeup and it's fine, Cora comments, "I feel the appropriate age to wear makeup is 18 when she's old enough to vote." I'm sorry but my 86 year old grandmother is not even that conservative and she was raised in the church. There was other things in that episode about her that annoyed me but I won't get into the other crap.

2. The episode where she was mad at Renee for giving out condoms at the school. Granted I saw where she was coming from but, the fact that Cora brings up the Bible and imposes her own personal views onto others and is even insulting while doing it takes away from the character that people know her as.

Man I had a third one just now but have forgot it. Pretty much does anyone else sometimes get annoyed with Tyler Perry's way of making the show so over the top Christian that it can't even be enjoyable anymore.


He seems to be in a fantasy world with this show. I just saw the episode where she's subbing and a female student takes over the class and threatens her. She goes back to class the next day yells at the girl and like magic the hood rat becomes meek & apologetic. The show didn't have to end in a real beat down but that soft ending was just lame. I don't watch his shows anymore because I find Tyler Perry does nothing but regurgitate his work. I only saw this episode because I happen to be in an office waiting area and the tv was locked on that channel.

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I dunno. I'm borderline Atheist and I never find it too preachy. To each their own, I guess.

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