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No wonder we avoid the truth at any cost.

Because the truth can be very cold and very hard.

This movie realistically explores relationships, and how well anyone knows anyone else, including how well we know ourselves, and the extremes people will go, in order to keep, others/ourselves from the truth.

Thankfully, most of us are never tested like this couple, and most of us do not have as much to hide; nevertheless, most of us have probably wondered how far our loved ones would go on our behalf, and to what extent we would go to protect them. Would we give our lives? Sacrifice all that we've worked for/stolen/created?

If I had seen this movie 10 years ago, I may have enjoyed it, but as far as relating to it in any way...NFW. Because, arrogantly, I presumed I "knew" the people closest to me, sometimes better than they knew themselves...wrong.