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Surprised so very few know of this lil' gem--

Maybe because I went into it knowing it was made on a nonexistent budget, especially in comparison to all of today's movies(hell, even the bottom-of-the-barrel-b-movie's have bigger budgets than this one)..therefor my expectations were admittedly not all that high when I tapped play on this movie, but I must say I was very, very pleasantly surprised at just how well this movie "worked".

John Heard definitely knows how to play a role like this with such finesse that his presence, alone, in this film really upped the ante, so to speak, in regards to making the film "work" so damn well.

But, I must give major props as well to his two costars, virtually unknown names, that well rounded out this for the most part "trio cast" of "The Truth". Props as well to the excellent writer of this little gem of a script. So simple, yet so very effective.

All in all I loved it, and kudos to all involved in this underrated, little, thriller flick about a husband and wife who both have everything to lose, everything to gain, and a relationship built solely on lies that come pouring forth as the "unknown intruder" stealthily creeps into their house, and therefor into their lives, with nothing but "The Truth" on his mind.

I'd recommend it to anyone so long as you go into it with a realistic mindset of it being a little, thriller-of-a-flick, made on less than a shoestring budget, that takes place all within the confines of two tiny rooms of their house.


Hey thanks for the kind words on our film! Much appreciated.