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could have been better if...

...he stone cold stunnered them both at the end!


i agree. thats what i was waiting for. still a good movie though


I agree too. But what I felt was a bit corny at the ending was when he rose up from that oil-pit as a bit over-dramatized and ruined the scene a bit. It'd have looked better if he actually pushed the pipes aside with his body and not the way he did.

And it wouln't have hurt either if he got a bit angry (Like Rocky-style) at the end. That way many other movies are great since the characters have an incentative to do what they do best - Angry.

I'm no violence-buff, but vengeance is always nice, when needed so to speak.

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meh. The big plot hole is that it's just not remotely likely that this lady would go to him and literally insist on his help. It's made worse by the fact that she comes off like a crackpot, making it hard to be sympathetic.

Or that he'd be compelled to go through all this.... or stay friends with people that are clearly con artists. Maybe breaking into his place wasn't an obvious clue.

So yeah. I guess if anyone deserved stunners it was them. lol.


She had lost her husband and was about to lose her child. She didn't have anyone to turn to. She was recieving letters from the killer of her husband asking for forgivness and was willing to do anything to make things right. What else would she do? Be understanding and let her daughter die?

She eased up on him after getting to know him. Initially he was just the killer of her husband. So her reaction was pretty straight forward to me.

As for Reno and Frankie, Stone Cold knew they had their own agendas. They were not helping him out as a favour. They had their own baggage. He just didn't have anywhere else to go to get the money. So he stick with them and then they became someone he cared about.


Agree. If your kid is hurt or dying, you do anything to save them. The movie asks how far would you go? The answer where kid is concerned, whatever it takes.