Thank you

Thank you so much Mr. Greenaway, for this beautiful art lesson. For this dilettante art student with no formal training, very enlightening. I remember years ago seeing a portion of a multi part documentary about inventions that changed history. The stirrup was the subject. A similar thing happens here with the invention of the tallow candle. It changed art history and domestic life considerably. And by extension history, as it certainly gave politicians and soldiers more time to plot. Interesting vignettes about Dutch, Italian and English history. I'll have to read up on the English Crown Jewels as they figure largely in the plot.

I've lived in the US in the Chicago area most of my life. And I have frequented the Art Institute of Chicago. Maybe a year ago, during my annual visit, I asked about the Rembrandts exhibited. I was surprised to find that there was only 1 exhibited at that time! I'm curious as to how many are in the United States?