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I would have cast Liam Neeson in De Niros role, if it wasn't for the whole Pesci / Scorcese De Niro Reuniting thing

Frank Sheeran was a big man, and Neeson would have been absolutely perfect.

Also when I think of an Irishman in acting I think of Neeson... He would have been tremendous....Also have been listening to parts of the audiobook and Frank comes across as a much 'bigger' and exhiberant character than the very passive fella that De Niro plays

But this was a final chance to get the team together, and I do understand.

Also I would have gone for Nicholson instead of Pacino.


I totally agree De Niro's age ruined this movie...Neeson would've been P E R F E C T..This movie needed a Father-Son angle between Sheeran-Hoffa and Sheeran-Buffalino not just friends or brothers I would've gone further and I would cast Di Caprio as Sheeran.Pacino was ok but he was terribly unconvincing as Hoffa...I would have cast John C. Reilly as Hoffa...
De Niro would've been good if this was made in the 90s but today it looks fake&forced...he ruins the film as much as the horrible editing and unnecessary sequences 7/10